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Best Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

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Best Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

Halloween isn’t just for the kids anymore, and it’s not just for the ladies to dress up either. carries both men’s and women’s costumes for Halloween and we’ve created a list of the top 10 best men’s costumes for 2016.

Mile High Pilot Jacket Costume

What woman hasn’t fantasized at least once about a man in uniform and joining the mile high club? With our Mile High Pilot costume you’ll fulfill every female’s wildest hidden fantasies and maybe take home a sexy stewardess at the end of the night too.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume
Who is one movie character that both men and women love? Why Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean of course! Our Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate costume will sure to have all the partygoers asking you, “where’s the rum?”, when they see you walk by.

Mens Sailor Costume
Speaking of the high seas, consider a sailor costume this year. Our most favorite sexy sailor costumes are the Candyman Sailor Costume and the Men’s Sailor Costume because they capture both the ultra sexy and the clean-cut look all sailors possess. You’ll be ready to set sail and rule the Halloween party in your sailor suit!

Male Bomb Squad Costume
If you’re looking to clear the dance floor for your wicked dance moves, consider our men's bomb squad costume. It comes complete with shirt, glasses and a button that says, “If you see me run, try to keep up”. The ladies will be chasing after you rather than running away from you in this sexy men’s costume.

Moustache Party Suit
Women love facial hair and the women will love you in this Moustache Suit . This sexy Halloween costume is going to have everyone at your Halloween party laughing and maybe even discussing who could rock the sexiest goatee or handlebar mustache.

Male Forest Hunter Halloween Costume
Can you fight off the rich for the benefit of the poor? This Forest Hunter Costume will have all the maidens flocking to you. The question is, how good are you with a bow and arrow? There aren’t many things sexier than a man bull’s eye aim for their target.

Prince Charming Costume
Sweep your date off her feet, but make sure to get her home before midnight or the carriage will turn back into a pumpkin. Every girl is searching for her prince charming; make her search easier in our Prince Charming costume . Have a blast at the ball, but don’t forget to grab the glass slipper on your way out.

Jack Hammer Costume
Ladies love a man who is good with his hands, so show her just how good you are with power tools in our Jackhammer costume . We like this costume because your jackhammer and best power tool is always with you and ready to show the ladies what they’re working with.

Mermaid Couples Costumes
Couples costumes will always be a hit at any Halloween party. Check out the Sea King costume and Coral Reef mermaid costume and together you and your sea queen and rule the waters and all the aquatic creatures that live in it. 

Mario Brothers Mens Halloween Costumes
What list of fun men’s Halloween costumes would be complete without the original video game stars, Mario and Luigi? Relive your childhood afternoon video game fantasies with these costumes and remember to collect as many coins as possible. You do want to win the princess at the end of the race don’t you?

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