The Complete Guide for Lingerie Party Ideas

The question has been popped, the champagne has been poured, and the planning is in motion. A wedding is the most magical time in a person’s life and can also be the most stressful. Whether you’re the bride, mother of the groom, or maid of honor, there is SO. MUCH. PLANNING.

To help alleviate at least a little bit of stress, we have pulled together the ultimate ideas guide for the most incredible lingerie party ever thrown. Our guide is so good, in fact, you’re sure to be commissioned by every single one of your girlfriends to host their very own lingerie party; married, engaged, dating or not!

So, what is a lingerie party, exactly?

We’re so happy you asked! A lingerie party, not to be confused with a bachelorette party or a traditional bridal shower, is a celebration where the women closest to the bride gift her with, you guessed it, lingerie!

But isn’t that what the hen night or shower are for, you ask? While some gift the bride with sexy lingerie during both events, it is becoming more and more commonplace to reserve those events for what they were originally intended. For example, a bachelorette party is typically considered a night of debauchery and kissing that single life goodbye with loads of adult beverages and penis necklaces. Meanwhile, a bridal shower is best suited for gifting crockpots and dish towels as to not give great-grandma Mildred the fright of her life when a crotchless teddy is unveiled.

That said, lingerie parties have evolved over time as well. Traditionally, lingerie parties were events held by lingerie retailers or boutiques in which they’d showcase their collection of babydolls, teddies, camisoles, and panties for attendees to purchase and be fitted for. Think of a much sexier and more risque Tupperware party a la the early 90’s.

Nowadays, a lingerie party is simply another excuse to extend the spoiling of your favorite bride-to-be, drink more champagne, and ogle the prettiest, sexiest, and most daring lingerie your craziest girlfriends can find. With so many lingerie options out there, including delicate lace chemises to a strappy leather, open cup teddy, the options for helping the bride pack for one unforgettable honeymoon are endless.

7 Easy Steps to Plan the Ultimate Lingerie Shower

You may be thinking, “Great… just what I need, one more thing to plan.” We hear you and let’s say it louder for the Bridezilla in the back. That, however, is precisely why we compiled this simple step by step guide of lingerie party ideas to follow in order to create one unforgettable event.

1. Lingerie Party Location

It may seem obvious, but choosing a location to host any event is key in creating the right vibe. You wouldn’t want to host your lingerie party in a church meeting hall, for example. Awkward.

A great option is a private room at your favorite restaurant - preferably one that has solid doors that can be closed, not only to conceal the gifts but also the whooping and cackling that is sure to ensue once the bride begins to unwrap. Oftentimes, private rooms can come with a hefty price tag, however. With all of the other events that need to be planned, something a little more affordable may be the more appropriate option.

A private residence, either yours, a close friends, or even the brides', is ideal for hosting an intimate gathering like this. It’s affordable, comfortable, and the party can go on into the wee hours of the morning without the fear of additional expenses.

2. Lingerie Party Invitation / Guest List

You’ve picked the location and now it’s time to determine the guest list. This will, of course, need to be a joint effort between you and the bride. She’ll be the best person to determine if her future mother-in-law has the right personality to laugh off the crotchless panty her eccentric aunt Ruby got a kick out of purchasing for the occasion.

Either way, we recommend keeping the guest list small to close girlfriends and a few select family members. The more intimate the gathering, the more intimate the intimates.

Once that’s determined, you can move on to the lingerie party invitations themselves which will set the tone for the guests. You can make it cheeky (get it?!), sophisticated, informal, or completely outrageous. Whatever the theme may be, know that the guests will understand it and rise to the occasion.

Another key element for the lingerie party invitations, aside from the obvious who, what, when, and where, is to include the bride's sizes. It’s essential to be as specific here as possible. “Petite” or “busty” won’t cut it here. Provide exact sizes for panties, bras (as in complete cup size), and even measurements, if the bride is willing. By providing this information, the bride is sure to walk away with armfuls of sexy lingerie versus bags upon bags of items never to be returned or seen again.

3. Lingerie Party Food/Drink

What you offer for food and drinks is completely dependent upon what time of day you decide to host the party. If it is centered around key mealtimes, then a complete menu of belly-filling options is expected. If it is planned around off hours, think 3:00 PM or after 7:00 PM, you can get away with appetizers or even a dessert bar. A modern day, Instaworthy favorite is a charcuterie board which can be designed and hand-crafted to accommodate any hour of the day.

As far as drinks go, a little bit of bubbly can go a long way. You can opt for a few bottles of affordable champagne and compliment it with fun mimosa-type mixers. There are even unique options available these days, like edible glitter you can mix in with your cocktail, to add an eye-catching and memorable element to your party. Creating a signature cocktail based on the brides’ favorite drink is always a fun and easy option to spice up the party too.

No booze? No problem! There are plenty of mocktail recipes to choose from or you can offer a hot chocolate bar complete with all the fixin’s. The possibilities are endless!

4. Lingerie Party Decor

Decor for the party can vary depending upon where you decide to host it. If it’s at an offsite venue, simple flower centerpieces add an easy and elegant touch to a dreary room. If it’s at a home, options abound. Alongside flowers, you can create a photo booth wall with either a premade background or you can make one yourself using unique greenery, shimmery fringe curtains, fairy lights, or even a balloon arch.

Other fun elements you can add are oversized balloons with metallic tassel strings, feather boa streamers, or even a paper lingerie banner. One unique idea is to buy a frame with an oversized white matte, place a photo of the bride-to-be in the center and provide different color lipsticks for the guests to wear and kiss around the photo, creating an adorable keepsake for years to come.

5. Lingerie Party Games

Sometimes when people hear “games” their eyes begin to roll and they slowly sneak away for a not-so-quick- bathroom break. As long as you keep the games lively and unique, we can assure you that you’ll keep everyone’s attention.

The panty drop game is one that doesn’t require much from the guests but can provide endless giggles. Ask each guest to bring a pair of unwrapped panties in the brides’ size - they can be thongs, g-strings, hipster panties, or even edible underwear, whatever their heart desires. When they arrive at the party, they will discreetly drop their panty off in a designated area, making sure it stays a secret. Later on in the party, the bride will pull out each pair of panties and guess who brought them. Oftentimes the bride is left stumped and when the true culprit is revealed she’s left with a completely different perspective on her friends and family.

Another idea is to rate the sexy lingerie the bride receives during the gift opening. You can create categories, like “most likely to get the bride pregnant” or “most likely to be ripped off within minutes”. Or you can opt to rank them from sweetest to sexiest using a number system. Either way, this game offers a unique opportunity for the guests to interact that they typically wouldn’t be afforded.

**Bonus Game for the Bride** While this isn’t necessarily a game, you can suggest to the bride to wrap up each lingerie item she receives in pretty tissue paper while she’s packing for her honeymoon. Each night, she can ask her groom to select a new package and the bride will then wear whatever item was selected. Talk about foreplay ;)

6. Lingerie Party Gifts

Surprisingly, some women have a hard time, not only shopping for, but even finding fun lingerie items for parties like this. It could be that their only exposure to lingerie is those big box stores with astronomical prices or they just aren’t sure what lingerie is best. As the party host, it will fall on you to be the expert on all things lingerie and we’re here to help with that as well.

First, lingerie doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Take our wide assortment of 3Wishes items, for example. You can find a lace babydoll for $23.95 or a more high-end satin robe with feather trim for $69.95. You can even do a panty bouquet by purchasing six to twelve different panties, twist them into rosettes using floral wire, and assemble them together using greenery. Affordable and eye-catching!

If price isn’t the concern but style is, the key is to read the bride. Is she adventurous? Then shock her with a dominating leather lingerie item. Is she a little more timid? Sexy sleepwear or a romantic robe are great options. A personal favorite style is the lingerie teddy. This style allows you to go ultra sexy with a barely there string silhouette or you can opt for one with a bit more coverage and attached leg garters. Either way, a teddy is sure to cause some oohs and aahs from the guests and the groom alike.

Still unsure? Anything in the bridal lingerie section is sure to be a hit. Afterall, when else can you buy or wear bridal lingerie?

7. Lingerie Party Favors

Favors for party guests aren’t necessarily a requirement for a successful event (the memories alone are gift enough!). That said, if you do decide to offer a little something there are countless options to choose from.

A lavender sachet with a sweet note like, “Thank you for filling the brides lingerie drawer! Here’s a little something to fill yours,” makes for a useful, and delightful-smelling, gift. Another idea that is growing in popularity is to find a really good cookie decorator and have them design lingerie emblazoned cookies and package them in individual baggies for guests to enjoy later.

If you have the funds to accommodate it, a lovely takeaway is a small gift card to your favorite lingerie boutique (ahem… for the guests to purchase a little something sexy for themselves at a later date.


From sophisticated to outright sinful, if you follow these easy lingerie party ideas your soiree is sure to be a stress-free success. Now, get to planning and don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can join in on the naughty fun!

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