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      Adult accessories such as stimulating lotions, creams and balms, and pleasure games such as the Bridal Play Dice Game, Pleasure Island, Foreplay Connect, Bachelor Play and more, were all designed with one thing in mind – fun that you'll never forget with someone special. Turn up the heat in your relationship with pleasure creams and adult games.

      It's a big night for you and your love, and you've got everything planned. You've bought the sexy costumes and lingerie found around this site, you've talked about your favorite fantasies and you've made all the plans necessary to play it out for the best night of your lives. But you don't want the fun to end right away, as soon as you see each other in your hotter than hot costumes. You want to make a full night of pleasure and fun. How does that happen?

      Stopping here and browsing the over the top games, lotions, and more is the first thing to do. Find out where your sexy gaming fantasies lie and choose the game, lotion, body art or edible selection that fits your desires. Remember playing Connect Four? Spice it up with Foreplay Connect. Force yourselves to finish the game and you'll both be insane for each other by the end! Are massages your thing? Pick up the Don't Stop Massage Candle or the Add Magic Lubricant. Do you want to taste your partner in all his or her glory? Go for the Skin Honey Kissable Body Topping. You'll also get a year full of pleasure with the 52 Weeks of Kinky Pleasures full kit.

      There's no reason to be shy with our variety of games, lotions, and so much more for you and your partner. Surprise your partner or grab him or her and go over this page together. Find what moves both of you and order today. You'll be experiencing waves of pleasure soon.