Babydoll FAQs

Hey there, gorgeous readers! In our latest series of learning the ins and outs of lingerie styles, we've put together some answers to your burning questions about babydoll lingerie.

What is a babydoll?

A babydoll is a free flowing mini dress made of nylon, mesh, chiffon or silk and often features design elements like spaghetti straps, marabou, lace, ruffles, bows, or ribbons. 

What is the history of babydolls?

Babydolls were created during WWII by designer Sylvia Pedlar as a result of a fabric shortage. The term “babydoll” became synonymous with the style in 1956 based on the movie “Baby Doll” which featured a seductive 19 year old lead actress. 

What's the difference between a chemise and a babydoll?

While both a chemise and a babydoll are similar, they do have some definitive differences. Babydolls often have a looser and more flowing fit, while chemises tend to have a slimmer silhouette. Babydolls have a defined waist, typically just below the bust line. 

Do you wear a bra under a babydoll?

It all depends on your comfort and personal preference. Some babydolls come with built-in cups or underwire, providing enough coverage and support. However, if you need extra support or prefer the structure of a bra, feel free to wear one underneath. 

When would you wear a babydoll?

The beauty of a babydoll is its versatility. You can wear it for a special romantic evening, to add a touch of charm to your bedtime routine, or even as a flirty outerwear piece for a night on the town. Wearing babydolls as outerwear became popular amongst mainstream youth as part of the grunge era.

Why is it called a negligee?

The term "negligee" comes from the French word "négligé," meaning "careless" or "negligent." It refers to a garment that is soft, flowing, and often worn to bed. So, when you slip into a babydoll or any other sexy nightwear, you are wearing a negligee.

Babydolls are a flirty and versatile staple for any closet or lingerie drawer. With a number of fabric options, design elements, and unique details, finding the right babydoll for you is a breeze.  

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