Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Always a fall favorite, Halloween is a night full of tricks, treats, and memories made, no matter your age. After the debacle that was 2020, everyone - and we mean EVERYONE - is seemingly and understandably ready to play a little dress-up, blow off some steam, and revel in some debauchery.

One thing that stays the same year after year is the age-old question: "What are you going to be for Halloween?". Without fail, mumblings of this question in one form or another begin as early as mid-August and we feel that. Letting your hair down and becoming someone else is a fantasy come to life for us all on All Hallows Eve. What's more, it's not only accepted, it's expected.

In order to make your choice a little easier, we've pulled together some killer sexy Halloween costume ideas for women, men, or anyone!

Witch Don't Kill My Vibe

One of our favorite sexy costume ideas is the classic witch. You may think a sexy witch is overplayed but you would be oh-so-wrong, my friend. Every year we see more and more takes on this Halloween staple with sexier silhouettes and designs seemingly ripped straight from the runway. Fashion meets dress-up? Love that for us!

Popular, fashion-forward silhouettes, like this Bewitching Beauty with it’s mermaid-style dress and sheer cape, are all the rage and will make you look like the baddie you are.

If a witch just ain't your thing, other classic Halloween costumes, like a sexy vampire or a sexy devil, are right up there with witches in terms of variety and head-turning style.

Silver Screen Siren

A fun and easily recognizable costume choice is one based on TV or movies. With literally endless possibilities, choosing your Halloween lewk from the small or big screen is as easy as a Sunday morning.

For 2021 we're going to be seeing a lot of costumes based on everyone's favorite dog-napper, Cruella DeVille. With Emma Stone's jaw-dropping revival of the pelt-loving fashion addict earlier this year, we have a feeling we'll be seeing black, white, and red all over at every Halloween event from coast to coast.

This Fur Lovin’ Dog Diva costume is just one of many, and we mean many, styles we’ll be seeing this year.

Speaking of movies, every Xennial will remember the OG version of Space Jam and the epic, "I believe I can fly" ballad. With the remake coming out this summer, a whole new generation will get heart eyes for the real-life-turned-cartoon classic. The stand-out for us in the movie is Lola Bunny and costumes based on the basketball-loving sweetheart will be bouncing around town this Halloween.

As for the small screen, we expect to be hearing a whole lotta "Ew, David!" this year and we are here for it. Schitt’s Creek stole our collective hearts and if you're anything like us, we still aren't over that it's over. Fear not our fellow Rose family loving friends! Grab your best black and white pieces and your favorite floppy hat and pay homage to David and Alexis - one of our fav couples costume ideas! - or go as the whole Rose clan with your three besties and steal the spotlight.

Time Traveler

Ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Halloween is the perfect opportunity to travel back in time. Shimmy the night away as a flirty flapper, a forever favorite. How can you go wrong with fringe, sequins, and feather boas?

A popular option we’ll be seeing a lot of this year are 80s style workout girls. With the vibrant colors and tight-fitting leotards, these 80s costumes show you’re fun and fearless. So go crazy with the Aquanet and dive right in my dancin’ divas.

Cheugys Need Not Apply

For those that are always in the know and are so far from basic you’re practically an acid queen, then these topical costumes are for you. Topical costumes are anything based on current pop-culture happenings. Think Joe Exotic from 2020 or the infamous Pizza Rat from years ago.

For 2021, we anticipate hearing Free Brittney until our ears bleed which means that will make for the perfect trend costume. Or dive right into the cancel culture and either mock or support your favorite cause with a clever sash or full-out look.

Another way to hop on this trend train is to stay in the know and on your toes as Halloween approaches. Anything going berserk on Twitter or overwhelming your IG stories is perfect for your spur-of-the-moment costume. We have a feeling something with the Olympics or a crazy celeb moment will be popping off more than once this year.

No matter your style, personality, preference or trend, you won’t go wrong with these options for 2021 costume ideas. Didn’t see something you liked here? We have hundreds of other options in our sexy Halloween costumes categories that are sure to put the spice in your pumpkin this year. Happy haunting! 

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