Teddy Lingerie FAQ

Teddies are one of the most iconic styles of sexy lingerie. Teddies are figure-flattering, eye-catching, and even fashion-forward. From what it is to how to wear it, we'll explore all the ins and outs of what makes teddy lingerie a boudoir must-have.

  • What is Teddy Lingerie?
  • Teddy lingerie - or teddies - are a one-piece, bodysuit-style item that often feature lace, mesh, and even leather. In addition to a variety of fabrics, teddies can come in any color and can feature unique details like garter belts, an open crotch, open busts, straps, and chains. With so many unique options, teddies are perfect to match any mood. 

  • Do you wear a bra under a teddy?
  • Nope! There’s no need to wear a bra, or even panties, under a teddy. A teddy essentially covers both and can offer anything from full coverage to barely there. 

  • What's the difference between a teddy and a bodysuit?
  • While both teddies and bodysuits are one-piece styles, there are some definite differences. Teddies are all about embracing your seductive side, with intricate details, delicate fabrics, and cuts that show off your shape. Bodysuits, however, are more versatile, offering more full coverage and can be worn as a layer underneath your clothes for everyday use.

  • Can you wear a teddy under clothes?
  • Absolutely! Wearing a teddy under your regular clothes, either as a bodysuit-style top or as a sexy secret under a blouse, can give you a little thrill and a secret boost of confidence throughout the day. 

    Teddies are a versatile and sexy, lingerie drawer must-have. Sweet, seductive, powerful, or domineering, choose your sexy teddy lingerie style and run with it! 

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