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      Sexy Witch Costumes

      Pick your poison with our selection of sexy witch costumes. Designed for maximum enjoyment, they emphasize all of the right body attributes while remaining tasteful and appropriate for the neighborhood Halloween bash.

      If you enjoy a little private role-playing with your loved one, you may recognize many of our sexy costumes from your favorite movies. Do you choose to be a good witch or bad? We have a selection of sexy witch costumes to explore your inner intentions. And if you aren't sure which way to go, try out our Which witch costume, a fully reversible good witch/bad witch suit that changes from black to white and back again depending on your mood.

      Many of our adult witch costumes come with accessories like a witch hat and magic wand. For a traditional look, the Spell Binding Witch Halloween costume hearkens back to the old seventies-style cartoon witch.

      Other sexy witch Halloween costumes require you to use a little more imagination. The Black Magic Witch costume includes a simple front lace-up corset and a black ruffled mini-skirt with a mini Witch hat to add that final touch. For a little more authenticity, accessorize your sexy witch costume with a black wig or fish-net stockings.

      Our fantasy witch costumes are the perfect way to add a touch of magic to your bedroom interlude. Allow the spellbinding effects of imagination and passion to flow and bring your relationship to a new level of intimacy one of our sexy witch outfits.