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      Sexy Leather Lingerie

      Leather by its very nature telegraphs power, strength, and dominance. Leather lingerie, in particular, is associated with dominance and is the lingerie of choice for dominatrixes. As a result, most women shy away from purchasing it while others consider it a bit of a taboo.

      The truth though, is that leather lingerie is attractive, comfortable and incredibly sexy. In addition, it comes in a variety of designs that would suit any woman from the least adventurous to the most kinky dominatrix. A casual look at the outfit options offered on three wishes is a good example of exactly how diverse the designs range.

      The idea is to figure out the look that perfectly complements your personality.

      The Fit is Key.

      Leather, it has often been said, is a very unforgiving fabric for clothing. To pull off any sexy leather look clothing, be it pants or lingerie, the fit needs to be the right amount of snug if one is to achieve the enviable sleek and sexy look. The outfit can’t be too snug as the look will be unseemly, and neither can it be loose or baggy because one will end up looking shoddy and unattractive.

      The fit is therefore crucial when thinking of sexy lingerie because the goal is to look attractive and sexy.

      Statistics estimate that 80-85% of women in America wear the wrong bra size. Medical experts even caution that ill-fitting bras are the cause of some health issues like back and shoulder pain.

      Before deciding on the preferred leather lingerie for your inner dominatrix, it is advisable that you determine the right bra size. Measuring can be quickly done at home using a tape measure. If that seems a bit daunting, then visit a nearby lingerie store, most offer fitting services.

      Once you have your correct size (both band and cup size), you are now free to let your adventurous spirit fly and pick the sexy leather lingerie that catches your eye.

      You will be surprised at how much fitting leather lingerie boosts confidence and elicits the best kind of reaction.

      Recognize What Works for Your Body Type.

      The most significant mistake most women make is not knowing the type of sexy leather lingerie outfit works with their particular body type. Therefore, no matter how sexy the lingerie is, no Dominatrix wants awkwardness and disappointment as the result.

      The thing about sexy lingerie is that it is not about who sees you in it, but about what you feel when wearing it. If you feel attractive and sensuous, then that is what will shine through.

      Knowing what works for you is an art that might take a while to master. Consulting an expert is an excellent place to start, but research also offers insights. For instance,

      A woman who boasts of a pear shape is often advised to choose gowns that accentuate the posterior like an A-line, and that call attention to the slimmer top half.

      A woman with a boyish figure can accentuate her assets with a leather strap corset or a leather push up bra.

      The idea is always to choose the leather lingerie that plays up or calls attention to your best kinky assets.

      Subtlety Is Also Attractive, Do Not Let Straps Intimidate You.

      For most, the idea of sexy leather lingerie registers as straps upon straps inspiring visions of a Dominatrix costume. Straps are what we often see on television and magazines. For many women, this is not only intimidating, but a reason to close the book on trying out leather lingerie.

      One should note that some subtle leather outfit pieces are just as sexy. An excellent example is a body suit that is both long sleeved and zip through or a leather bikini piece. Both of these pieces are simple yet still leather and sexy.

      Complementary Colors.

      Choosing crotchless lingerie whose color complements your skin tone is crucial in achieving the best look. Luckily, when it comes to leather lingerie, the dominating color is black and black looks good on almost every dominatrix lingerie style.

      In some cases, the leather lingerie is paired with another material,and in such a case then one should ensure they pick the right color.

      For example, if you have an olive or tan skin tone, then deep reds and orange yellows will look good on you. It is prudent to do adequate research on your skin tone and the colors that complement your skin tone.

      Leather Lingerie Comfort

      Contrary to popular belief, leather can be comfortable.

      Quality leather especially is soft, and it does not itch or scratch when you slip into it. Also, leather adapts to the body hence increases your comfort.

      How to Care for Leather Lingerie.

      Caring for leather lingerie is a topic that tends to elicit controversy among some people. Some experts advise that leather lingerie should be put in a freezer occasionally to shrink it and maintain the tight fit.

      Whether that is true or not, there are some indisputable tips on how to care for leather lingerie.

      • Avoid strong detergents when washing.
      • Dry at room temperature.
      • Avoid direct sunlight as it easily destroys leather.
      • Do not store your leather lingerie in damp areas; dampness makes leather stiff.

      It is always advisable to hand wash your leather lingerie outfits, but one should also always check the manufacturer’s laundry care label to see what they advise.


      Tips on How to Recognize if Your Bra is the Right Size.

      • Look sideways in a mirror. If your bra is fitting, then your breasts should be midway between your elbow and shoulder. If that is not the case, then your bra is ill-fitting.
      • Whenever you put on your lingerie, your breasts should not bulge at the sides.
      • You should be able to slide just one finger beneath your bra’s band. Otherwise, your bra is considered loose.

      Final Word on Leather Outfits

      The sexiness of lingerie cannot be emphasized. While leather lingerie is not something that you can wear every day, it is perfect for the occasional days or special days like valentines and anniversaries.

      Now that you know what you need to look for and what to avoid when buying leather lingerie, chances are you are in a position to pick a leather lingerie piece that will change your mind henceforth and ensure your closet always has a few leather pieces.