3Wishes.com: An Iconic Brand Reinvented

If you’re a long-time shopper you may have noticed a few changes around here lately. New logo. New images. A more streamlined product offering. It’s all for a good (and exciting) reason. 3Wishes.com has recently been acquired and is under new management! Change is inevitable, no more so than now in these wacky, unpredictable times, and we’re excited to see what this change will hold for us.

Recently, one of our new co-founders and CMO, Sarah Chamberlain, sat down with Flaunt magazine for a Q&A about the acquisition and what customers can expect from the reinvention. Continue reading for an excerpt from the article and to learn more about what is to come for 3Wishes.com!

What is the history of 3Wishes.com?

3Wishes.com started in 1998 and was originally named Three Wishes Lingerie. As the very first intimate apparel website focusing on sexy outfits, female-owned 3Wishes.com learned to operate in the days of dial-up internet and AOL—a major fete in and of itself. From humble beginnings, the original owners operated out of their home and quickly grew the business to become one of the largest online retailers of women’s intimates. As such, when the opportunity arose for us to acquire such a classic brand, we jumped at it.

Now in its twenty-second year, my fellow co-founders and I are proud and excited to overhaul such a classic and iconic brand. Among the changes under our new ownership, we are working on updating the overall aesthetic of the website as well as shifting the product offerings to more closely align with our vision for the future. We’re looking forward to sharing the new 3Wishes.com with old and new customers alike.

What will set 3Wishes.com apart from others in the space?

As the oldest intimate apparel website, 3Wishes.com set the precedent for what to expect when shopping for sexy lingerie online. That said, as we work to reinvent the brand, we are moving away from the traditional model and narrowing our focus. Rather than offer thousands of products across dozens of categories, which can become a bit cumbersome for customers, we are hand-selecting what products we offer. This mindful approach to merchandising streamlines the website, makes shopping easier and allows us to ensure our products match the aesthetic we’re looking to achieve.

Additionally, as we move into Q4 of 2020 and beyond, we will be growing and refining our assortment of fashionable apparel as the cornerstone of our business. We’re looking forward to providing a comprehensive shopping experience for our 3Wishes.com customers.

Click here to read the full article and don’t forget to drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the exciting new changes we have in store! 

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