A Guide to National Sugar Daddy Day this Year

There are so many special holidays to celebrate, but did you know that June 16th is “National Sugar Daddy Day?” This is the perfect day to spoil that special someone in your life. It’s important to keep your older man happy so that he will continue to provide.

The term sugar daddy can have a negative connotation, but we know that women don’t stop being beautiful just because the man desiring them is older. And if a woman can achieve good company and lavish living at the same time, isn’t that the best of both worlds?

When the sugar daddy relationship works for the woman and the man, we think that that’s worth celebrating. How often does any relationship work in a way that is so well-balanced?

Whatever the dynamic of your relationship, be honest, reasonable, and explicit between the two of you. Communication is the key to relationship success, in addition to keeping the interest and passion levels high. Be creative and put in the effort with the right gestures, thoughtful actions, and some sexy attire.

Sugar Daddy Day

A Few Famous Sugar Daddies

While many sugar daddy relationships are hush hush due to old-fashioned public perceptions, you can find examples of successful Sugar Daddy relationships all over, especially in Hollywood.

The famous shopping scene from “Pretty Woman” says it all about the fantasy of younger woman and her older protector. He tells off the snobby shop assistants when they turn their nose up at the young, poorly-dressed girl looking for a new wardrobe. Richard Gere is the iconic Sugar Daddy; a suave, sophisticated, and handsome businessman looking for a companion. (And we think Gere would have been wise to choose an Elegant Lace Teddy for Julia Roberts).

In real life, Richard Gere married supermodel Cindy Crawford. They were only married briefly, and she blames the breakup on their seventeen year age difference, but they were a stunning couple while it lasted!

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, however, with a 35 year age difference, are still going strong after 18 years of marriage and two children together. It goes to show that longevity is possible even with a very large age gap in the relationship.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney, who have a 17 year age gap, are also happily married after several years and young twins.

While there is a large age difference, both Clooney and Douglas chose women who are not only beautiful but also very smart and articulate.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming, with 23 years difference, make another a strong Hollywood couple with 2 young children. For Willis, it’s the second time around, as he has 3 adult children with first famous wife, Demi Moore (who looks strikingly similar to Heming, in fact).

If you think you have what it takes to keep your Sugar Daddy happy, celebrate him and celebrate your relationship. Whether he’s really your sugar daddy or you are indulging in a playful fantasy, here’s a little guide to a full day of activities to sweeten up the Daddy with some toys and fun.

A Day of Sexy Surprises

Start off a great Sugar Daddy Day with breakfast in bed for him. Make his favorite eggs, toast, and coffee with a side of Sexy Chef. Wearing only an apron and chef’s hat, spoil him first thing with a flirtatious and provocative view. Once he’s finished with his food, or even before, treat him to some morning moves.

Maybe a change of outfit would be appropriate, too. How about the Unwrap Me Bow Teddy? You are, after all, his for the day. You can both enjoy the anticipation and excitement as he unwraps his gift.

Get your Bow Teddy in sensual black, virginal white, daring red, or hot pink. To contrast his spice with your sweetness, check out more perfect pinks.

Next, it could be time for a sexy shower. Water, suds, and a little “sexy time” is the perfect morning time activity before getting ready to actually leave the house! There’s no hurry to leave the house. Do it right.

Get the morning right and he’ll enjoy knowing that you’re taking care of the whole day for him.

Then it’s off for his next favorite activity. If, like many older gentleman, your sugar daddy loves golf, be his sexy caddy on the golf course. If you don’t know anything about golf or which club to choose, that doesn’t really matter. He’ll love having you at his side. Allow an actual caddy to do his or her job, while you do yours – making him feel a million dollars.

Maybe you do know a driver from a pitching wedge. Then you can bat your big, beautiful eyes as you draw his club slowly from the bag, teasing him with the caress of the shaft.

Keep the atmosphere hot and the drinks cold, so you can serve him in every way as he goes around the golf course. Keep him refreshed and enjoying his day out on the course to show how much he means to you.

Whatever your sugar daddy’s favorite activities, lunch at a favorite restaurant is a good idea. Make sure you’re wearing something to tantalize and surprise, maybe the Bunny Surprise would be something a little naughty but nice? Hint at what you’re wearing to make his mouth water and remind him that you’re on the menu, too. You can provide another subtle hint with this beautiful jewelry, which will attract his eye and keep him hungry.

If you’re cooking at home, you might consider this sexy chef’s costume to really heat things up in the kitchen. If dessert is more your thing, you might let him know that you can both have some sweet, sticky fun, because you’ve taken all the right precautions with this playful and incredibly sexy chef’s cake apron.

Whatever your morning activities, Sugar Daddy might get a little tired after lunch, so get your heads down for an afternoon nap. This Elegant Satin Robe is a sensual feast of cuddling and snuggling with skin against satin. Rest up to be ready for some evening fun.

After you awake, refreshed and languid, have a cocktail on the veranda. Turn on the classic tunes he loves and dance for him to show off your daring Sexy Red Lingerie Set underneath a satin robe.

When it’s time for a night out on the town with your main man, get dolled up so that he feels truly special to have you on his arm. This Iridescent Sequin Dress that will sparkle and entice. Reserve a limousine ride to his favorite five-star restaurant, complete with champagne and strawberries on the way there.

Now a decadent dinner at the top restaurant in town. Sit in the dark corner booth where sexy snuggles can occur. Maybe show him a little of what’s underneath that sparkling, short dress with the Tempting Plunge Teddy.

Return home for him to reminisce (not you, you’re too young, of course!) with the classic French movie from the 1970’s, "Emmanuelle." Slip into something more comfortable, like the Stylish Satin Chemise.

And just like that, your Sugar Daddy Day of decadence and flirtation has come to a close.

We hope that your sugar daddy makes you feel special every day. With our sexy lingerie, you can help make him feel special, too.

Don’t worry; there are plenty of other ideas and outfits to try out on the 3 Wishes Holiday Lingerie Costumes page.

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