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      Nipple Pasties

      Pasties are patches that women use to cover their nipples. They are attached using adhesive glue to prevent them from falling off the breast.  While nipple pasties have for long been associated with seductive entertainment, one can wear them either as part of their beach attire or as an undergarment.

      These patches come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Pasties are fast gaining popularity amongst women of all ages. However, some women may be allergic to the pasties material or the adhesive glue. Today, designers are putting that into consideration and producing high quality pasties made from hypoallergenic silicone so it doesn't irritate your boob. In addition, they use exclusive adhesives to prevent allergic reactions. Nipple Pasties can either be for single use or reusable.

      Boob Pasties can be great for adding a little temporary coverage when you want to avoid wearing bras. Disposable pasties often come with their own adhesive, and reusable silicone pasties can be secured to your breast with double-sided tape or body glue. Test any adhesives on your skin before applying the pasties, and make sure your boob is clean and dry before and after you wear them.

      How To Choose Pasties For Your Outfit

      Finding the right breast pasties to go with your outfit is of utmost importance, especially for women who cannot stand wearing bras & panties. If you are wearing a translucent or loose outfit, choose nude colored pasties. This will minimize visibility on your boob and make you feel more comfortable while wearing it.

      Some sexy pasties such as costume ones come with tassels and sequins, and these can be quite heavy. Heavy pasties are more likely to fall off and you do not want such an embarrassment. If you have to purchase costume pasties, go for a light one to minimize the chances of falling off. If you are wearing extremely sheer outfits during Christmas lingerie, choose silicone nipple pasties. These are quite thin and come with an invisible outline.

      Fabric and paper pasties on the other hand, have a visible outline on your boob, especially when worn with sheer outfits. If you are looking for the best pasties to go with your outfit, you can check out the available pieces at three wishes, an online retailer where you can find a variety of pasties.

      Try your nipple pasties before wearing them out or for an event. This gives you an opportunity to see whether the glue holds well, and to rule out the possibility of your pasties falling off your boob. Again, it helps you gauge the level of comfort. If you are satisfied, then you can rest assured that they will stay in place. However, if your pasties fall off or cannot stay in place, then you can try a different adhesive or a variety of other pasties shapes to see which fits your breast better.

      Are you looking for less coverage? Fabric and paper nipple pasties are the way to go. These are often disposable and come at a reasonably cheaper price than the reusable pasties. They also have a better hold and you can choose them if you do not mind them showing through your sexy lingerie.

      Applying The Pasties

      Pasties attach differently. While some attach through suction, others come with adhesive. For some, you have to purchase an adhesive separately. Find the instructions of use within your package to better understanding how to apply them to your boob.

      Some pasties are ornamental especially the ones some women use in burlesque shows. These are heavier and have greater chances of falling off. To prevent this, you will need a strong and good quality body glue or spirit gum. These can be purchased together with the boob pasties from our shop.

      To apply the pasties to your breast in this case, you can use a makeup brush or a cotton swab. Spread the adhesive along the edges of the inside part of the pasties and attach them over your nipples. You may have to wait before attaching them depending on the adhesive you are using. Some may need to stand for some time before getting sticky.

      While lighter pasties have a better hold, securing them to your boob can be an arduous task. To make it easier, use a double sided fabric tape, especially if they are made of extremely light, and plain (without decorative components such as beads or sequins), material. Ensure to choose a fabric tape because it is much stronger.

      To fix the pasties, cut the tape into small strips to ensure they can fit well around the inside edges of the pasties. Spread the tape on the pasties then attach them in place. You can spread another strip of tape on top of the pasties for added security. If you do not want the tape to be visible you can leave them as they are.

      Clean your breast well to remove any moisturizers and dry it thoroughly before attaching your nipple pasties. This ensures your pasties stick better to your boob and stay in place. Avoid applying the adhesive right after using a body lotion or oil as it will not stick and the pasties will fall off easily.

      Avoid applying adhesive or using tape on the center of your pasties. Use these around the edges to protect the sensitive skin on your nipple and to make them easier to remove.

      To avoid skin reactions, you may want to test your spirit gum or adhesive glue, especially if you have sensitive skin. Apply a little gum around the inside area of your wrist and wait for some time. If you do not experience any reaction, then it means that it is safe for use on your boob. However, if you have any skin reactions you can opt for an alternative.

      Do not leave adhesive on your breast for a prolonged period of time. This can cause skin reactions even when they are extra mild. Wash off the adhesive  off your breast immediately after removing your pasties. You can use water and soap but some adhesives such as spirit gum may need extra cleaning agents such as an acetone cleaner.

      Use your hands to hold your nipple pasties tightly in place after attaching them. This depends on the type of adhesive you are using. Some of them may require a few seconds to stick on the surface of your breast. This ensures that they are well secured to prevent them from falling off your nipple unnecessarily.  

      Remember; while pasties may offer you added coverage, they are not the best option if you are looking for boob support. You may want to wear tight fitting clothes for extra support.

      Fabric double sided tape helps you secure your clothes by taping them against your skin, or taping the fabric pieces together in place.