False Eyelashes

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      Eyelashes makes a statement even when you have nothing to say! 

      Kim Kardashian. Harley Quinn. Nikki Minaj. Who will you be tonight when you bat your sexy eyelashes?

      Stylish and Sexy Fake Eyelashes. Creative and Fun Eye Lash Styles…

      Later for the lash extenders and heavy mascara that can have you wiping your raccoon eyes for hours. Our false eyelashes are easy to apply and remove. You can also use them more than once!

      Young and Innocent Lashes. Sexy Vamp Temptress Eye Lash Styles.

      Go for the glitter eyelashes. Apply crystal eye designs…

      Whatever style you choose, the eyes have it - - and so will you! With intricate designs and exquisite detailing, you can be the life of the party and melt hearts with natural false eyelashes to turn you into a princess, jester, cat butterfly and more!

      Drag Queen Eyelashes. Drama Queen Lashes. Elegant Lashes.

      Get ready for the Spotlight or the Night Life with Beauty Queen Eyelashes…

      Hey Girl! Pick black false eyelash styles that can make your eyes pop! Whether you want a simple longer lash look that you can trim down, or if you want to go for the Belle of the Ball in your spike heels and favorite Barbra Streisand impression, order easy-to-apply false eyelashes for all your ballroom gowns and show stopping looks!

      However you wear them, the best false eyelashes are easy to apply. Fake eyelashes can give you the innocent Bambi lashes look or the sexy diva lashes. Use the glue and a pair of tweezers for most of the eyelash styles and you can turn your look from drab into fab in no time! Shop for Halloween party lashes or costume party lashes today!