What to wear on National Nudity Day

What to wear on National Nudity Day

National Nudity Day, yes it is a real day, is meant to be celebrated naked, but if you’re less than thrilled about baring it all, this list of what to wear to celebrate National Nudity Day is for you! Celebrated on July 14, Nudity Day is a day to celebrate in your birthday suit…even though it’s not your birthday! This Naked Day celebration began in 1976, to celebrate the “naturism around the world and an opportunity to encourage first-timers to enjoy clothes-free relaxation”. So in other words, it was created to give people an opportunity to try out a nudist lifestyle.

While you can celebrate National Nudity Day in the buff, there are plenty of less revealing ways and outfits to wear (or bare) to show the world you’re a fan of National Nudity Day!

Metallic National Nudity Shoes

If you’re going to celebrate National Nudity Day in full spirit, then a sexy pair of shoes is all you will need. If you’re a bit less than enthusiastic about going the full Monty, then Pasties or nipple covers are the way to go!

  National Nudity Sequin Star Pasties

You can never go wrong with a revealing dress like this Wavy Lace Dress or the Sassy String Net Dress for National Nudity Day. Dresses are perfect for nude dinner parties and get-togethers.

Wavy Lace Dress for National Nudity Day

Wear anything sheer, like this Sheer Rhinestone Mini Skirt . When something is sheer, it isn’t necessarily see-through, but it does have enough visibility to drive the mind wild. We really like sheer products because they blur out “the goods” until the coast is clear to bare all.

Sheer Rhinestone Mini Skirt

Fishermen aren’t the only people who like fishnet; we love it too! Just like anything that is sheer, fishnet will always be a winner for baring it all without showing it all. This Long Sleeve Fishnet Top is definitely a winner.

Sheer Long Sleeve Fishnet Top

If you’re feeling extra festive, this Risque Kitten Skirt is a must! Show off your hard work at the gym and the results from all those squats in this skirt. When you wear this sexy and risqué skirt, you’re sure to show all the other Nudity Day partygoers that you’re here to celebrate. Don’t worry men, you can celebrate with National Nudity Day too! These Wet Look Slashed Shorts for Men will have you matching your date and dressed for the season.

Risque Kitten Slashed Mini Skirt

Even though nudity usually entails being in the nude, bodysuits are a great alternative. Our favorite bodysuits for National Nudity Day are the Dangerously Sheer Catsuit and the Barely There Sheer Romper . They cover all the “goodies” but still show your embrace and appreciation for the nudity lifestyle.

Dangerously Sheer Catsuit National Nudity Wear

We hope you have a safe, fun, festive and naked National Nudity Day! Whether fully clothed, semi-clothed or completely stark naked…celebrate the freedom that is your birthday suit!

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