Sexy Shoes For Women

Every woman loves sexy shoes, and many of them own numerous pairs. There is no denying though that as much as sexy shoes for women are beautiful and irresistible, they can hurt your feet especially if you wear them for prolonged periods of time. In addition, and not many women can comfortably walk in them.

Still, there is an obsession that women have with sexy high heels that simply will not go away. It is not surprising that some women own shoes they do not wear, while some of them will buy shoes just to look good on their photos. This is quite understandable seeing that there are different types of beautiful shoes.

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Why Do Women Love Sexy Shoes?

The popularity of sexy shoes has continued to soar with the times. The shoe industry continues to experience new shoe innovations every so often. Still, more shoe designers are coming up with unique designs which are popularizing them even more. But why are sexy shoes so popular among the women fraternity?

Sexy shoes boost your confidence and make you feel and look sexy. There is a wide variety of high heeled shoes to choose from. The higher the shoes, the higher the wearer will stand, and this diverts all the attention towards her. Of course wearing high heels changes your standing posture and positions both your derriere and breasts outward.

Some shoe fanatics who probably own hundreds of pairs of sexy shoes say that they give your feet a smaller appearance, which they reiterate is an advantage especially for women whose feet are large. Basically, large feet are not considered to be sexy.

Rocking sexy boots makes your legs appear taller and longer which is said to be attractive. Forget the discomfort that sexy shoes bring forth, invest in a good pair, learn to walk in them, and feel sexy while appearing irresistible, confident, and beautiful.

Types Of Sexy Shoes For Women

You can find sexy shoes depending on what you want to achieve. Many of them are designed to help you flaunt your beautiful and shapely legs. Below are various types of sexy shoes you may consider having in your closet.

High Heeled Boots

You can choose to purchase any of your favorite colors. However, dark colors are known to be bold. You may choose between black, grey, and brown if dark colors appeal to you. When it comes to height, you can choose from thigh, knee, and ankle length. There are many heights you can select depending on your preference.

High heel boots are not only sexy, they are stylish and trendy. You can wear them any time regardless of the reason or season. These type of shoes have been in existence in the shoe industry for many years and it keeps getting better.

Ordinary Black High Heels

Black is a versatile color and you can match almost all your outfits with sexy black shoes. These can be likened with the famous little black dress. Whether you choose a stiletto, peep toe, or even a platform, the ordinary black high heel still looks sexy. We can bet that a big percentage of women own at least a pair of black high heels in their closets. If you do not own one or are looking to buy more pairs, we have various types to choose from.

Glittery Sandals

Glittery sandals often come in shiny colors such as; gold, silver, and platinum. You can wear them in both formal and non-formal functions. This is the type of shoe you will want to rock at a garden birthday party, family get together, graduation, or wedding ceremony. If you love parties, this is the shoe for you. You can wear them to personify your dresses and jeans pants. You can also rock them on a dinner date.


Wedge heeled shoes are both stylish and fashionable. Unlike some sexy shoes, wedges offer you height without compromising your comfort. You can easily walk in them and they leave your feet feeling more comfortable. There are various types of wedges which include; boots and sandals. You can wear sandal wedges for a sunny afternoon date, while boot wedges are more appropriate for walking on snow filled trails.

Fashionable and Fun High Heels

Fashionable and fun shoes are a must have for every woman. A unique design in bright colors leaves you looking stylish and elegant. Convert your simple jeans pant or little black dress into a classic outfit with a pair of these sexy high heels.

Sneaker Boots

There are various types of sneaker boots and they come with varying heights and lengths. Sneaker boots have recently become more popular among shoe lovers because of their versatility and comfort. Additionally, they can complement many outfits whether it is a dress, jeans, or even official pants. You can choose between laced and non laced sneaker boots depending on your preference.

Certainly, the right sneaker boot will leave you looking fashionable, stylish, and classic, while converting your outfit to give you an appealing look. Remember, sneaker boots are elegant and every woman should at least own a pair. These come in handy to keep you warm during winter. They can be made of different materials such as fuzzy uggs or leather.

What Does Your Shoe Style Say About You?

· Personality

Did you know that you can tell a woman’s personality from her choice of shoes? Daniel Lieberman is a human evolution biology professor who says that women who wear bright colored shoes are risk takers, playful, and generally extroverted. He goes on to say that women who wear neon and hot colored pumps or sandals are likely to be high maintenance. On the other hand, if she loves peacock styled shoes she may want to be idealized and can be quite challenging.

Women who wear flat shoes value their comfort and are more relaxed. They could also be quite realistic according to Lieberman. He goes on to say that women who wear flip flops away from the beach are too laid back, and probably have much more important things to mind other than their shoes. Women who are wearing sneakers most of the time are likely to be both relaxed, low maintenance, and prepared for action which can either be walking to work or going for a work out.

· Confidence

Your shoe style will tell people whether or not you are confident. It is said that women who wear open high heeled sandals are more confident than their counterparts who prefer closed high heels. Many women who take time to groom their feet and toes are said to be meticulous when it comes to grooming their entire body.

Some research indicates that women who prefer wide low heels and wedges are likely to be insecure. Carole Lieberman, MD suggests that women who wear wedges want to get the tall appearance without compromising their comfort.

· Personal Branding

Women who wear expensive designer shoes are said to be passionate about investing in their personal comfort and style. Christa Scherck, a celebrity stylist says that women who wear expensive shoes to work are likely to value their job, while those who wear expensive shoes to indulge in fun activities are luxurious.

According to a research carried on in the University of Kansas study, experts discovered that conservatives wore more expensive and stylish shoes than liberals. Basically, if a woman spends a huge percentage of her earnings on shoes, she is likely to be more challenging. However, this should not scare away would be suitors since chances are that she can as well afford her luxuries.

· Interesting Facts About Shoes

Women who love wearing high heels are said be hedonistic (self indulgent). You cannot mention the word hedonistic without thinking about the negative connotation it displays. However, many shoe lovers seem not to mind the fact that they find pleasure in buying numerous pairs of sexy shoes.

Wearing sexy heels is said to give women extreme happiness and as we have seen before, shoes enhance a woman’s mood. Women who wear glamorous shoes look and feel good about themselves. While there are many other things that can make a woman look good, shoes are said to bring forth a special kind of feeling.

Women tend to justify their obsession with shoes. Research shows that buying and wearing shoes increases the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is also known as a feel good hormone, and is responsible for making you happy. Even then, women will always have numerous excuses for owning more than a hundred pairs of different shoes. Many women say that shoes are necessary and will go out of their way to purchase every type of shoes they can lay their hands on. It is no surprise then that some women have lost count of the number of pairs they own.


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