Sexy Dresses For Women

Have you ever been invited to a function and did not have the appropriate dress for the same? Perhaps your host required you to dress in a smart yet casual manner. Certain functions such as dinner, birthday, reunion parties, or even gallery exhibitions require you to dress in a certain way. If you have recently been invited for such an event and are confused about finding the right dress, three wishes is the place to visit for a collection of pretty and versatile dresses.

Finding the right dress can be a tedious activity. What with the many choices there are in the market today? Many women will spend hours in the sexy clothing store and still walk out having found nothing that interests them. Women are advised to relax while shopping as this helps them identify the ideal dress for the intended party.

At three wishes, we have numerous categories of sexy dresses for women. They come in different sizes, designs, cuts, and fabric. You are guaranteed to find something you like, and one that complements your body shape. When choosing a sexy dress, every woman should remember that there are different dresses for each occasion as we shall explain below.

Day Dresses

If you are going for a day event, you want to look all glammed up and smart in sexy clothing. Choose a pretty dress that will make you look good and enhance your confidence. Choose a unique dress for brunch events or parties.

Let it be a little different from what you would wear for an evening out. Some good choices include summer floral print dresses, well patterned short but cute dresses, and A-line summer dresses.

Remember to pair the same with some good pair of sandals or summer shoes. You can find a beautiful A line short dress complete with an empire waist. Pair this with a nice contrasting belt. When styling your hair, you can choose to let it down if it is long. Whatever you do, go easy on the hair style.

Afternoon events especially may not resonate well with a complex hairstyle. Complete this captivating look with a friendly smile and ultimate confidence, and you are sure going to turn heads at the party.

An Exciting Night Out

Have you organized a fun filled night out with your friends? You will need a comfortable and chic outfit. There are various sexy clubwear dresses options you can choose for this kind of activity. For instance, find a tailored sequined dress with a cowl neck. Instruct the tailor to add some bling and shimmery accessories to highlight the dress.

Choose a small snazzy colored clutch bag to complete the look and you are good to go. Remember to PAIR THE SAME WITH APPROPRIATE SHOES according to the activities you plan to engage in. For instance, a nice pair of peep toe heels is not only stylish, they are good for you if you plan to go dancing. They are also comfortable and do not tire your feet and legs.

Date Night

They say that first impressions last forever. You need to keep this in mind if you are going out on a first date. Choose a cute yet subtle sexy dress. The idea is to be smart and classy without appearing too sophisticated or dull. Black dresses are versatile and classic. You may want to choose a pretty knee length black sexy dress.

Pair this with minimal accessories such as earrings and a matching bracelet. Complete the look with nice pumps. Remember that confidence and a genuine smile makes you look gorgeous.

Formal Dinner Parties

While a formal dinner party may require you to dress in a specific way, it does not mean that you should drop the sexy elegance. While you need to go slow on the extra details, you can choose a formal dress that looks gorgeous on you. Monochromatic colors work well for this kind of setup. If you have to wear printed fabrics, let it be subtle.

You can even go for a gown depending on the specifications of your host. Do your research well and understand your body and what looks good on you. Some choices to consider include; prom and long flowing dresses. Pair the same with a pretty chunky ring to complete the look.

Casual Dresses For Women

Women have a wide variety of casual dresses and accessories to choose from. Remember, you can change the appearance of your casual dress with the choice of your accessories. While some individuals may associate a casual look with jeans and sporting pants, there are nice and beautiful dresses women can experiment with. Again, there are no written rules in regard to what casual should look like. You can invent your own style and work towards owning it with confidence.

If you choose to go for casual trousers, pair them with a nice silk blouse. This look may also be referred to as semi formal. Trouser suits can also play the role of a casual look depending on the fabric. You can bend the suit rules a little to give it that casual touch and feel.

You can choose skirts to pull this look perfectly. Having a scarf around your neck can complement a dressy casual look well. When it comes to accessories, choose pearl necklaces for the perfect look. Go minimal on the accessories and the makeup too. Try to be more natural ans less sexy or choose soft colors such as pink. Wear flat shoes or semi formal heels to complete the look.

What To Avoid

If you want to execute the dress casual look appropriately, do not wear low neck tops. T-shirts are also a no especially those that have printed messages on them. While skirts are good, try to avoid short skirts. In addition, cocktail dresses, long and flowing formal gowns may not be the best option for this look.

Stilettos, high heels, and too much makeup are not meant for this look. Many people may have problems pulling this look since its neither formal nor casual. Whatever you do ensure you carry out research to avoid appearing at an event in too sexy of a dress or other unsuitable attire, which can be humiliating and embarrassing. These tips can help you avoid such a situation.


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