Spring Cleaning Your Lingerie Wardrobe

Spring is the perfect season to upgrade, revamp, and refine your lingerie collection. Extend your spring cleaning to your top drawer. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel sexy, and restock with some of our beautiful new items.

Reworking your wardrobe for spring

Changing up your lingerie for spring is only natural. February is well known as the month of love, and that alone might spark your desire to try some new lingerie, costumes, or accessories!

With warmer weather, spring cleaning, and the desire to cast away the last leftovers of the winter blahs, a new set of lingerie makes sense. It’s a great way to celebrate the changing season and help yourself feel and look great.

Why invest in new lingerie?

You may be thinking that you have enough lingerie already, or that you don’t want to get rid of anything old. But there are reasons to revamp your lingerie wardrobe, both practical and fun.

On the practical side of things, consider how long your existing lingerie has been around. It may not be in the best shape anymore, which is why it’s worth your time to check your items and see how things are holding up.

Bras can lose their elasticity, lace can fray, threads will eventually slip and look worn-out. By pitching your old lingerie and investing in our new, high-quality pieces, you’ll have a brand new set of underthings that look as spectacular as you do.

And, of course, revamping for spring means you get to try new colors, patterns, and styles. This is a great time to try something different or upgrade an old favorite with a bit of extra flair. There is no limit on lingerie, so whether you are aiming for something sweet or sassy, we have it.

How to spring clean your lingerie collection

Start cleaning out your lingerie collection by laying out every item. You will be able to see what shape it's in and identify anything that needs replacing. Putting everything together in one place can also help you to see what's missing and justify wish-list items. No cream bras? We can't have that!

What to discard

Anything that doesn't fit.

Anything that's uncomfortable.

Anything that's stained.

Anything that's stretched or shapeless.

Anything that’s frayed.

Anything with tears or runs.

Make a note of what you would like to replace with new items. Simple items like bras may be eligible for donation (women's shelters) or clothing recycling.

Taking care of what you have - washing and storage

Once you know what items you are keeping, make sure you take care to make them last until next spring! Delicates are often bundled in with other washing and 'care instructions' may be ignored. These items are called delicates for a reason, however, so be sure to follow the instructions on the tags!

Once everything is clean, it's a good idea to fold or hang your items for storage. How you organize your lingerie is up to you, but by storing all the sets together, you are less likely to end up with one half of a matching pair looking much more 'washed-out' than another.

It's also a good idea to categorize your un-matched smalls according to whether they are made of silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Alternatively, you could organize by color or style.

Making room for new lingerie is the reward for this cleaning, of course. With more space in your lingerie storage, you can get that teddy, bra, or the full lingerie set you’ve had your eye on, without any guilt or worries about an overstuffed drawer.

Lingerie trends for spring 2018

Much like in the rest of the fashion world, the lingerie market has its trends. By spring cleaning, you’ve made room to try out some of the newest and hottest colors, styles, and fabrics.

Van Jonsson Design and Sourcing Journal highlight various colors and styles that are hot for this spring, and we have them in stock for your wardrobe!

Soft pastels are on trend, with pale pinks, yellows, greens, and light neutrals taking center stage. Light and airy fabrics like lace and tulle add to the effect. You can achieve this light, angelic look with our elegant and sexy sleepwear. Or, go the direct route and invest in one of our fantasy costumes, to look like the angel you are.

Of course, classic lingerie is always in style, whether fiery red, striking black, or eye-catching white, or a combination of your favorite colors. Our corsets and lingerie sets will stand the test of time through any trend, keeping you looking sexy for years to come.

A lot of retro or vintage style lingerie is timeless. If you want to get that pinup look that will last forever, try items like bustiers, high waist shorts or underwear, babydolls, or a balconet bra.

Stock up for special occasions

Whether you are buying for a calendar holiday or planning something special for an occasion, we have all you need to make it a day you’ll always remember. When you are spring cleaning and re-stocking, it's worth checking your diary for any upcoming holidays or events that might call for extra-special outfits and lingerie.

Grab something to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in sexy style. Or buy ahead for the Fourth of July, with red white and blue lingerie and accessories that will help you ring in Independence Day.

Many of these items can be used in your regular lingerie rotation, such as striped high-waisted shorts or our star skirt set.

Make spring cleaning sexy

All this organizing and clearing may seem like a tall order, and not a lot of fun — but what if you could make the spring cleaning itself a sexy activity? Our sexy maid outfits are the perfect way to make cleaning fun and flirty.

Our maid lingerie ranges from sweet to sassy to super sexy. You can invest in a full costume, such as the mischievous French maid costume, complete with a feather duster, or the bedroom maid costume featuring sheer details, lace, and a matching headpiece.

Slip on something skimpier to shake out the bedroom sheets, like the tempting French maid costume. This consists of a lacy halter bra, g-string panties, and of course, the classic maid's apron.

Putting together your own maid's outfit using our accessories and hosiery to round out the lingerie you’ve decided to keep can be very entertaining. Our French maid garter belt is an inexpensive way to dress up any outfit, working with the stockings and heels you may already have in your wardrobe. Our beautiful, handcrafted lace headband from Tyes by Tara completes your look.

With the right outfit, spring cleaning is not a chore at all. If you can even make cleaning and tidying sexy, you’ll love all the opportunities new lingerie will provide. Clear out your drawers and make room for some satisfying additions to your wardrobe today. 

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