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Choosing the Right Corsets and Lingerie Sets

Do the words lingerie and corset sets ring a bell or are they one of those words you often hear and think you know the meaning but you are not so sure? Whether you are a pro as far as these sexy undergarments go or it’s still a gray area for you, then you are in the right place. Here at Three Wishes, we offer you all the information you need to know about the different types of corset lingerie. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Hot lingerie happens to be one of the most exciting ways every girl deserves to self-indulge, whether they are single or otherwise. If you have never worn any crotchless lingerie, don’t be surprised at how this tiny piece of attire transforms you. It will not only make you feel happy and a little naughty, but it will boost your confidence too. All because of a tiny piece of hot lingerie that is rarely seen apart from your lover maybe.

What is Corset Lingerie?

For those in the gray area, a lingerie set is a type of undergarment which has a variety of designs including sexy corsets. These types of lingerie sets are meant to make you feel good, sensuous and attractive as well. The notion of wearing sexy corset lingerie sets only for your lover is cliché and misguided. In fact, a good number of women buy and wear this sexy lingerie all the time. Well, maybe not as often as they would wish to, considering how much they can cost, but this has slowly changed.

Sexy corsets and hot lingerie sets cost a little bit more than normal underwear because of the fabrics used to make them. Corsets, garters and lingerie sets come in many colors, typically black and white and red, and out made of lycra, lace, chiffon and luxurious silk and can be used as bridal lingerie. Our designs are not only intricate but worth it to the last penny you spend. 

Why corsets?

Most women are crazy about corset lingerie because they tend to camouflage stomach and side fat as well as miraculously reduce the size of your waist. Corsets tend to have tie-able lace used to fasten the attire in place to give you that hourglass figure. However, if you are not endowed with that hourglass figure, the corset will still give you a nice curve. If you want you can adorn a corset as a regular top or cover it with something transparent such as a sheer blouse or dress. This ensures that your naughty look is hidden away just enough but nothing is taken away from the outfit.

There's just something about a corset set; they're fun and stunningly sexy. At, we've got smoking hot corsets and sexy corset sets for anytime and anywhere when you're ready to get naughty. At Three Wishes, you get to browse through a variety of exotic corset sets, naughty corsets, topless corset sets, romantic corsets, and more!

What's your style? For the soft, romantic look there's the pretty, white Lace Romance set, which is a stretch bustier with padded cups, elasticized waist and boning, and attached garters with removable straps. It's sexy and form fitting all in one. There's also the Flirty Lace Lingerie set, with a sweet ruffle top and lace mini skirt.

If naughty lingerie is your vibe you'll definitely want to go for something like the Tempt and Tease Corset, a black leather corset with a zip front and lace-up side and back detail. Included are removable garters, pasties and g-string. It will be one hot night when you show up in this! There's also the Chain & Leather Lingerie Set, which looks exactly the way it sounds...a collared leather bra and g-string with chain detailing design.

If you're the kind of girl who likes a vintage vibe check out the Retro Bliss black two piece set. This gorgeous set circa 1960's Playboy pin-up features a stretch lace trimmed under-wire bra with metal hardware and a high waisted gartered panty. Another look is the Satin Jacquard Bustier, a flowered satin and lace number that will create a whiskey saloon and back room poker mood.

How to get the right Corset fit

A corset and lingerie set feels great on a woman both inside and out. However, it is important to note that not every type or design will suit you. This is why you should carefully choose your undergarments according to your body type. For this reason, it is essential that you are aware and comfortable with your body type. In addition, ensure that this knowledge is the pivot of choosing corsets and lingerie sets that fit perfectly and feels great as well. Trust us, this will make a huge difference to your lingerie shopping experience.

If you are new to this hot lingerie shopping experience, it is advisable that you visit a physical store and get your fitting from a professional before you attempt to buy any type of undergarment online. Even though our collection is very tempting, ensure that you get your fitting right considering the cost of lingerie.

Do not shy from trying something new or something you consider to be outside of your comfort zone. This is because undergarments are very intimate. Therefore, think about yourself first before considering what your lover likes. Listen to your body, if a corset or lingerie set feels great on you then go for it.

However, this does not mean that you purchase something that you’re unsure of, pay close attention to the fabric and how your skin reacts to it. Lingerie and corset materials need to feel silky and smooth on your skin. Instead of buying several piece just because they are on sale, get one great corset lingerie set that fits you well and you feel completely comfortable in. Undergarments especially corset and lingerie sets are an investment and are definitely not worth risking or compromising. Always remember that the best way to wash your corset and lingerie sets is to hand dry to avoid the risk of them wearing out or losing shape.

At Three Wishes, you'll find sexy corsets many colors and styles which you can also use as night gowns. Whatever your mood is, whether seductive, romantic, naughty, flirty, and sweet, we've got what you're looking for! In different designs, styles and color.


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