Fairies, Angels & More

Create your own fairytale with one of our enchanting fairy or angel costumes. From fun and whimsical to dark and daring, our array of costumes is perfectly suited to bring an element of fantasy and fun to your next costume party.

Wings are sexy! These sexy adult fantasy costumes include a host of Sexy Angels Sexy Fairies & more! Elevate your evening and wow friends at your next sexy event!

These Sexy Angels and Sexy Fairy Costumes will call on your most holy side and bring on the wild eyed fey in you. Prepare for a powerful evening where all wishes come true!

These deluxe adult fantasy costumes include sexy fairies, both dark and light angels, pixies, nymphs, witches and Cupids. Son of Aphrodite, god of love, Cupid arrives with her love bow. What will the red winged Naughty Cupid bring as a sensual love gift?

Our delightful sexy Spring Fairy, Tinkabella, and glorious Garden Fairy costumes feature colorful wings and magical bling accessories. The Naughty Nymph offers a bold contrast of black and bright color, and uniquely tapered sexy wings.

These beautiful winged costumes are sensual lingerie pieces for enchanted romance at home, and they are also ideal for festivals, conventions and Halloween. Love dark enchantment? We have a beautiful dark winged sexy lingerie set for you!

One of our most elegant designs is the Dark Charms Naughty Angel, with black satin beaded corset, and floor length sheer and feathered black wings. For a perfect light ensemble, see the sexy Celestial Gold angel fantasy lingerie set, complete with pure white feathered angel wings and halo and an enticing gold brocade corset and flirty, thigh high miniskirt.

Get an even more complete look by adding our deluxe accessories including the Two Layer Petticoat, or the sexy Stay Up Lace Thigh Hi stockings.


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