Romantic Date Ideas for any Relationship

Romantic Date Ideas for any Relationship

Are you concerned that your relationship might be heading towards a bit of a rut? Think you’ve exhausted all conversations and possibilities? Hopefully, you’re in a place of love and romance already, but if you want to invest in having a more exciting time together, then maybe one of these ideas will work for you.

It can be so hard to pick out a gift for anyone, even the person you love and care about the most. The gift of an experience can be the best type of present. Get out of your comfort zone, learn something new, or try a different activity, and see what happens next!

1. Take a class together

It could be a one-off workshop, or a 10-week community education class, or something in between. With a quick search in your area, you will unearth many possibilities. If you are somewhere very rural, then consider an online course provider, like Coursera, but it’s better if you go to something, together, in person.

Think of what you may want to learn. Is it a new language for an upcoming overseas trip, improving your culinary skills, getting in shape, or trying a new art form? Maybe your partner is a hands-on type of person, who likes getting their hands dirty, in which case you could try a baking or pottery class.

An intellectual? A book club or language class should satisfy their curiosity.

Physically fit and adventurous? Maybe rock climbing instruction, CrossFit, or ballroom dancing would do the trick.

2. Buy tickets to an event

An event could be a wine-tasting, a concert, an art opening, or a fundraiser. Something that will require you both to dress up, or at least look presentable, and possibly socialize with other people can be exciting.

If this isn’t your style, there are less social events to try, such as a movie opening or concert.

3. Change the scenery

Everyone has their habits. Work, lunch, work, (kids), dinner, TV time. A little mix-up of the routine can be revitalizing. Maybe a lunch date with each other instead of work colleagues. Or, a weekend away to a local B&B or touristy town just a few hours from your home.

Instead of planning a big trip, a few smaller ones can keep things interesting and change it up more often than just once a year.

4. Volunteer and connect

While not a traditional date, this is an activity that can bring you together while making you feel good helping others.

Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, a local charity shop, or homeless shelter may need your help. This will boost your sense of purpose, which is great for a couple. Showing love to others through your deeds cultivates more love in your own relationship.

5. Turn off the tablet and play games

A simple fix, but too many of us are rooted in our devices and not paying enough attention to the person right in front of us. Take the time to turn off your devices and play a card or board game.

Think of favorite games you played as a child. Monopoly, Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Chinese Checkers, or Go Fish might come to mind. If you want to get creative, make new rules for adults!

6. Be a tourist in your town

Think of things that your area is known for, that you may never have visited. We all do it. We become complacent to the fact we are only minutes from some fantastic destination. Take the time to become tourists in your own town.

7. Anything with water

A waterfall hike, a boat cruise, kayaking or canoeing make for great dates! If you live near the ocean, this is a double bonus. You can take walks by the beach, build sandcastles, go running in the sand, or just gaze at each other as the waves crash on the shore.

8. Anything with food

The standard date night consists of dinner and a movie. Think a little outside the box. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, afternoon high tea, tapas, sushi, or street food can all be part of a romantic date.

9. Drinks. And more drinks

This may not be for everyone, but there are many types of activities that revolve around drinking. Hand-crafted beer festivals, wine-tasting, cocktail bars, and bar crawls are good examples.

A few drinks at a lively bar can elevate the mood. Add a live band or jazz trio for an exciting and fun night.

10. Run a race together

The couple that exercises together stays together. Maybe. It depends on the couple. Probably. But it’s good to know that many sporting events in which you can participate that are not too serious.

There are bands playing, snacks at each corner, and a treat at the end. You can stay in shape, get those endorphins pumping, and spend the rest of the day feeling good that you exercised!

11. Cultura, dahling

Most cities have an abundance of art, music, and theater, whether it be professional or amateur. Whatever your taste, you can discuss what you saw or heard as a launching point for learning something new about your partner.

12. Free challenge

Instead of paying for an experience, think of an activity that is free! Consider a bike ride, a picnic, sharing a book from the library, a lunchtime concert, or talks at the local university. Many stimulating experiences are free or inexpensive.

Think back to your younger days when you may not have had much cash flow and what you did for fun. Recreate those experiences with your partner and you’ll have an enjoyable time reminiscing together.

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These ideas should get you started on a plan for Valentine’s Day this year. But remember that any day is a good day to show appreciation for your partner. And you won’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to have a great time with the person you love. Happy planning!

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