Everything You Need To Know About Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is the first thing many women put on in the evening in the name of sleepwear, or in morning and they reap the benefits of wearing one all day long. Picking the right piece of lingerie leaves you feeling powerful, sexy, beautiful and in control. For this reason, this piece of attire is for you. Even though your lover’s taste in sexy lingerie plays a big role here, keep in mind that you are the one wearing the attire. Evidently, your lover will get to see you in that sexy little number for a short time but the primary goal will probably be to get them off. Therefore, ensure that the hot lingerie pieces you pick out not only fit you right but look great and feel great on you.

What can be more intimate and mysterious than the lingerie that a woman wears under her clothing? Whether you’re slipping on teddy lingerie & bodystockings or lacy babydoll lingerie & chemises in anticipation of a hot romantic evening, you prefer the feeling of high-quality intimate apparel next to your skin, or you feel more confident wearing something beautiful and personal under your clothes such as a good camisole & cami tops your lingerie is your secret to either keep to yourself or reveal to another. Sexy lingerie is powerful, and there’s a look and style of lingerie to suit every taste and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for bridal lingerie or hot Valentine’s Day Lingerie, you are guaranteed to find pieces you look from three wishes.

Too shy to try out erotic sexy lingerie?

Even though picking out erotic lingerie can be an exciting task, it can be a little bit daunting for a women the first time. While you and your partner might enjoy that excitement and pleasure that this little piece of garment brings to your bedroom, it’s highly unlikely that lingerie is a topic you’ve talked about before. However, don’t let the perceived awkwardness or newness of getting this type of sexy clothing make you shy away from exploring this aspect of your wardrobe. Lucky for you, Three Wishes has got different types and sizes of lingerie ranging from sleepwear, to bridal accessories, and pasties. Thus you are guaranteed to get something nice.

Why do we find lingerie sexy?

For your partner or anyone else lucky enough to see you in your intimate women's lingerie, there are reasons that it’s enticing for them:

  • Lingerie is the halfway point between being fully clothed and nudity.
  • Good lingerie under sexy clothing highlights your hot feminine assets.
  • The sexiness of lingerie has been ingrained in our psyche by movies, television, magazines, and advertisements.
  • Lingerie is a mystery revealed. (If and when you decide to reveal it, that is.)

When should you wear sexy lingerie?

Most women find themselves asking this question especially if they are new to the concept of wearing intimate erotic lingerie. The simple answer to this is, you should wear this type of sexy clothing whenever you feel like it. One common misconception is that sexy lingerie should only be worn for special occasions. However, this isn’t the case at all. If you confident and beautiful when wearing your favorite panties and bras, then you should wear them as frequently as you wish.

You can wear them when you’re with your better half, wear them to work or even when you’re going out provided you are comfortable in them. There is no specific occasion when a woman should wear lingerie so feel free to have them on whenever.

When less is more and when it’s not

What could be more enticing than full nudity? The answer, of course, is very sexy lingerie. The goal of lingerie isn’t always to show the most skin. If the point was to be naked, we could all just dispense with the laces and bows and strip down to nothing. Your lingerie may have to serve double-duty and serve to keep your precious body parts from chafing as you spend a full day at the office or running errands. If that’s the case, crotchless or open-cup lingerie is not going to be a great option no matter how good you look in it.

With this in mind, your intimate lingerie needs to:

  1. Fit well
  2. Look great
  3. Match your lifestyle

Of course, there are times when you can take the trouble to put on very delicate or particularly revealing sexy lingerie, but it’s unrealistic to think that you’re going to be able to strip off your clothing and step out covered head-to-toe in erotic lingerie at any point in the day, like a superhero. Unless, of course, you’re in the habit of wearing superhero lingerie. That’s why you need options for work, play, and home. Here, at Three Wishes we have a variety of hot women's lingerie fit for every occasion.

Best method of washing your sexy lingerie

You have already purchased corsets & lingerie sets that you love and you want to make sure that it lasts a long time and gives you a run for your money. After all, some types of lingerie can be a tad expensive. Even after checking the tags on every piece of clothing, it is advisable that you hand wash your favorite inner garments including thongs & G-strings, nighties, bras and panties. Using the washing machine while it’s on gentle mode might seem like a good idea but even then, it might damage your attire’s fragile fabric. In addition, it is also advisable to hang dry your lingerie. However, if hand washing and hang drying your lingerie is not an option, try getting a separate bag to place them in when washing and drying.

What message is you’re lingerie sending?

There’s been a number of articles written on this subject that aim to tell you what it means if you prefer expensive lingerie or cheap sexy lingerie, or whether you like to put on coquette lingerie vs. BDSM lingerie, and there’s definitely some merit to the psychology of erotic lingerie choices. But what is the message that you want to send with your intimate lingerie choice? That is, assuming that you decide that you want someone else to see your panties.

We’re going to make a few assumptions here. One is that your partner is into sexy girls in lingerie. It’s a pretty safe assumption because most people who appreciate women also appreciate women in sexy lingerie, right? The next assumption is that you’re wearing it, in part, to make a hot impression on another person. Otherwise, who cares what anyone but you thinks? Finally, and this is more of a disclaimer than an assumption, we’re not always right about these things, so if you feel strongly about your sexy lingerie choice, just stick with it.

Power Plays

If you’re looking to let your partner know who’s in charge, here are a few of the erotic secret weapons we have at Three Wishes:

  • Cowgirl lingerie
  • Superhero lingerie
  • Leather lingerie
  • Black vinyl lingerie
  • Certain styles of classy lingerie
  • Fantasy lingerie based on powerful female characters

Powerful bras colors include black, red, dark green, and jewel tones.

Demure Lingerie Looks

Sometimes, you just want to look and feel like a lady in the traditional sense. At Three Wishes, we think that these intimate styles make a softer, more welcoming impression:

  • Pink lipstick lingerie
  • Babydoll lingerie
  • Bow lingerie
  • Coquette lingerie
  • Classy lingerie

For a more demure female lingerie look, choose bra & panty sets in softer tones and colors, like pink, white, light blue, and pastels.

Revealing Lingerie

Hot adult lingerie is almost always sexy, but when you’re looking to show a little more, here are a few revealing ideas:

  • Open-cup lingerie
  • Open-crotch lingerie
  • Lingerie corsets
  • See-through lingerie teddy
  • Bra and matching pantie sets
  • Garter belts and stockings

If you’re planning a full evening out wearing women's lingerie, make sure your inner and outer clothing are compatible for the venue. You can choose from the sexy gowns available on our site. If not, you can always hide your sexy lingerie in a purse or bag to switch into at an opportune moment.


Buy inexpensive, high-quality erotic lingerie online

Have you ever gone to a department store or specialty shop and noticed that three-quarters of the “intimate apparel” department was dominated by practical, unflattering underwear, housecoats, and maternity wear? And if you are lucky enough to find something that you’d feel good in, you find out that they only carry one item in each size, and yours hasn’t been restocked.

There are several advantages to using a women's lingerie website like ours:

  • There are hundreds of boy shorts styles and selections.
  • Sizing charts ensure a perfect fit.
  • There are always great sales and discount lingerie options.
  • You can send links of our products to your other half. (“Would you like to see me in this?”)
  • You won’t run into your stodgy neighbor in the checkout line.

Whether it’s a sports bra or a top-of-the-line lingerie corset, what you’re wearing should be pretty on you. Here at Three Wishes, we have a wide array of bras & panties in different sizes and designs. Check out our sexy lingerie gallery and be sure to get something hot for yourself or loved one.


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