Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Buying the ideal Vday lingerie for your partner or yourself during Valentine’s Day can be an arduous task. What with the numerous available fabrics, designs, styles and color? You can actually be confused and spoiled for choice. This need not be the case if you are shopping with us at three wishes. We have furnished our online retailer with sexy valentines day lingerie to suit your preference. You are sure to find pieces that resonate with your style.

Considerations To Make When Buying Valentines Lingerie

If you are buying lingerie for your partner as a sexy Valentine's Day gift, you want to buy something she loves wearing. Understanding her style, therefore, is very important. This can be quite easy if you live together. You can sneak into her drawers and try to figure out her preference. However, if you are not deep into your relationship, you may opt for something modest yet sexy.

You do not want to send the wrong signals; neither do you want to get the wrong choice. You could look for a way to guess her style and size. If you cannot pull this option off, you can ask her, or visit the store with her and ask a salesperson to assist you without her knowledge.

Know What Gift To Buy Her for Valentine's Day

There are various Valentine's day lingerie pieces to choose which range from corsets, bodysuits, and robes. Camisoles, chemises, briefs, or bras can be an ideal choice especially if your partner loves ordinary stuff. Whatever you choose, ensure it resonates well with her style.

Shop At The Right Places for Valentine's Day

There are numerous lingerie stores in the market today. However, only a few stock a variety of brands like we do at three wishes. Find the perfect store with a collection of sexy valentines day lingerie pieces from various brands she prefers. This way, you are guaranteed to purchase something she not only loves, but one she will wear quite often.

Know How To Present Your Gift

Have your sexy Valentine’s Day gift wrapped well with nice gift wrapping paper. You can go a mile further and include a lovely note or even flowers. This way, she will appreciate it even more.

Understanding Valentine's Day Themed Lingerie

There are numerous Valentine’s day lingerie outfit designs and styles which come up every year. Choosing the perfect outfit can be overwhelming but this should not stop you from buying a sexy piece for yourself or your partner. Below are different styles and designs to choose from.

Bra & Panty Matching Lingerie Sets

Bra & panty matching sets are functional, simple, yet classic lingerie pieces. They come in various forms which range from lace panties, unique bralettes, and strappy leather bras in any color of your choice, complete with cutouts and a matching thong. Panty and bra sets are versatile and exclusively combine practicality and sexy.

Many people may be of the opinion that this style is boring and non innovative. However, it can be playful and sexy especially because you can easily wear them underneath your sexy lingerie. Surprise your partner by wearing a matching bra & panty set on your Valentine’s night. If you are choosing a set for your partner, ensure you pick the correct colors and design to suit her preference.

Playful and Funny Valentine's Day Lingerie

Generally, Valentines lingerie should be hot and sexy as opposed to funny and playful. However, when it comes to Valentine ’s Day themed lingerie, it should a combination of all that. This comes in various funny shapes which puts both the wearer and her partner in the perfect Valentine’s Day mood. Additionally, they are unique and special for you if you are looking for something to wear for a specific occasion.

Buying this kind of lingerie is hard if you are doing it for someone else. It can be difficult to get the perfect style that your partner may like, and again funny lingerie is not for every woman. Some love simple and conservative pieces. You want to consider what she prefers to avoid rejection and embarrassment.

·         Feminine Lingerie

Feminine lingerie includes styles in bold valentine’s colors such as hot pink and red. Many women prefer wearing black lingerie on Valentine’s Day. Black is versatile and can be quite sexy. This type of lingerie comes in a classic lace fabric. There are many lingerie styles that can be referred to as feminine pieces. Some of the popular examples that fall in this category include; teddies, camisoles, bralette sets, and matching bra & panty set.

Playful and erotic lingerie can fall in the feminine category. However, complex and delicate styles are referred to as girly and flirty. You can still choose perfect Valentine’s Day lingerie for Christmas lingerie holiday outings. Buying feminine lingerie is ideal for you if you do not know what style your partner likes. This style is classy, delicate, but very simple. It can generally appeal to many women as opposed to the erotic and more daring styles.

·         Erotic Lingerie

Erotic Valentine's Day lingerie is bold and edgy, and can be spotted in some romantically themed movies or novels. This style can resonate well for Valentines Day especially for the woman who is not afraid to try daring sexy styles. You can easily achieve an erotic valentine theme by choosing heart shaped panty & bra matching sets, crotchless panties, strappy bra & panty sets, and red leather pieces.

If you want to be more dramatic, choose racy and outrageous erotic Valentine’s Day themed pieces as opposed to the modest and delicate pieces. Surprise your partner by wearing an out of the ordinary lingerie piece, one that they are not used to seeing. Remember, buying erotic lingerie for your partner is not an easy task and you can easily get it all wrong. Do not do this if you do not understand your partner well.

Remember; whether you buy lingerie for yourself or receive it as a gift, the best pieces are those that make you feel super sexy without compromising your comfort.

Ensure that your preferred piece fits well. If you are going to wear lingerie under your clothes, you want to achieve a smooth finish free from any unsightly visible panty lines. The same applies to your bras. Find the perfect cup size and try it before purchasing to ensure it fits well.

Ensure it is the right fabric. If you are looking for a sensual effect, choose delicate and thin fabric. If you want to achieve a more sophisticated look, choose chiffon, silk, satin, or rayon. Still you can choose a combination of synthetic fabric blends such as lace for your sexy Valentine' Day Lingerie Outfit.


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