Teddy Lingerie


A teddy is a one piece garment which is also known as cami-knickers. It resembles a bodysuit, but it is more translucent and loose. There are different teddy lingerie bodystocking designs. Some may cover the torso partially while others may cover it entirely. Some come with thin straps while others cover the arms. Today, designers are incorporating teddies that open at the crotch which makes them convenient for toilet visits.

Teddies are often worn as an undergarment. In this case, they play the role of a knickers and a camisole. Many women choose to wear them in order to avoid visible panty lines. At three wishes, we have many sexy teddy lingerie bodystockings to suit your needs. There are different designs and colors to choose from. You can even find some pieces in contrasting colors and print detail.

Understanding Teddy-Lingerie-Bodystockings

The teddy hit the industry in the early 1900s. Designers then thought it was an ideal cloth to wear under short dresses. It was not until the 1920s that it was adopted as a fashion garment. During the World War II, this garment gained lots of popularity because women who took part in various military related activities wore them under their trousers.

However, the teddy would later lose its popularity in the 1940s. Some time in the late 1900s, the teddy made reappearance but this time it came complete with a slip and a bra top. Women would wear these under shift and short dresses. The teddy has undergone major transformation over the years. During the 1990s, the garment came complete with a knickers and a bra.

Many of these garments were made of spandex and came in bright colors. Modern day teddies are designed as functional garments, and for visual appeal. Some popular bodysuit styles include; bare backs, lace teddies, rompers, and jumpsuits. Teddy lingerie bodystockings are made of different fabric such as lace, chiffon, and satin.

How To Wear Bodysuits

Teddy lingerie bodystockings come in various designs. Many of them are meant to be worn within the confines of your bedroom, while you can pair a few others with different outfits to achieve a fashionable and elegant look. The popularity of sexy lingerie bodysuits is currently soaring and designers are taking advantage of this to launch different socially acceptable pieces that you can wear in different ways. Understanding how to pair them with your outfits of choice is the first step towards rocking them with confidence.

Below are tips to help you get the best out of bodysuits

Choose bodysuits that flatter the right features. Corsets are generally flattering pieces and because they come in various designs, you can choose one according to your expectations. Before purchasing however, consider the body features that you intend to highlight. For instance, you can wear halter-neck, sleeveless, or strappy bodysuits to highlight your well toned arms.

To achieve a daring look, choose sexy clothing with wide V-neck bodysuits. If you wish to tone down this look you can opt for one that is covered with a lacy fabric around the V area. This type of bodysuit gives you a dressed up yet sexy appearance. You can choose a black piece and pair the same with a short A-line skirt in any of your favorite colors. Remember to layer this with a nice jacket for a more conservative look. Complete the look with ankle length boots and remember to accessorize with a pretty choker or necklace.

For a sexy yet stylish look, choose a bare, lacey, mesh, or translucent backed babydoll lingerie & chemises. Such details transform your outfit and give it a bold feel. Choose an appropriate outfit to go with this style for a fun afternoon date. For instance; you can pair a translucent backed bodysuit with fitting jeans, bold colored tights, or a miniskirt. Complete this look with ankle length boots.

Are you looking to achieve a professional look with your bodysuit? Choose either a short or long sleeved shirt. This can either be printed or plain bold colored. Pair the shirt with a cool colored bodysuit and unbutton some of the top buttons to reveal the bodysuit. You can achieve a casual look by choosing a looser shirt. For your bottoms, wear nice fitting trousers or jeans for a weekend at work look.

In addition, you can wear a blazer or a nice jacket over our teddy lingerie bodysuit, to transform it into a work acceptable outfit. There are many options for this look. For instance; choose a bold colored blazer for a business like look. Still, you can choose to add extra color by experimenting with mix and match colors. To achieve a funky look, pair white lace bodysuits with a red blazer.

For the bottoms, choose fitting solid colored jeans. These can either be navy blue or black. Complete the look with riding boots for an adventurous look. Pair bright colored print detailed bodysuits with tailored trousers in any color of your choice. Wear a black blazer and complete the look with a pair of pretty heels for that feminine touch and feel.

For a simple look, pair your bodysuit with high waisted fitting jeans. This look is flattering regardless of your body size or height. High waist bottoms are known to outline your body shape. Pair any bodysuit design with a good pair of comfortable high waist jeans for a chic look. If you are going for a night out date, choose a bright colored deep V neck bodysuit, and pair the same with a solid colored high waist jeans trouser.

Remember to accessorize with bold jewelry for a fashionable look. For a more casual look, pair a long sleeved lace bodysuit with high waist skinny jeans. Accessorize with a big black belt complete with a bold buckle. Accessorize with a choker and any other jewelry of your choice. Complete this look with ankle boots.

You can never go wrong with a denim jacket for that polished casual look. Pair your bodysuit with sheer or lace detail with a pretty denim jacket for a classic yet casual and cute appearance. Pair this with high waist jeans and complete the look with sneakers or slip ons. There are so many activities you can participate in while in this look such as; attending a sports event, going for an evening walk, and running errands.

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