Vampire Costumes

Be the dark occult Queen in one of our sexy vampire costumes. How gothic will your evening be? 3Wishes has an epic selection of sexy vampire costumes that are perfect for everyday intrigue dress and will wow guests at your next Halloween party.

Our multi piece sexy vampire party costumes come in a wide variety of styles, are made of the highest quality fabrics, and offer intricate detail design. And the accessories are to die for!

From classic goth fantasy to ultra-modern chic design, these dark and sensual party costumes are also exciting for intimate evenings. For a darkly elaborate and elegant look, consider the outstanding 5 piece Sexy Vampire Queen Costume, complete with gold star print choker ruffle, classic black fishnet stockings, collared cape and sexy top hat.

Honor vintage horror flick fashion your next party or convention by arriving in the gorgeous Vampire Horror Beauty Queen sexy fantasy costume.

Take your enchanted evening over the top with the stunning and mesmerizing Sexy Vampires Kiss Costume, featuring a darkly feathered chapeau and beautiful black and red, satin and lace, corset with beribboned gartered fishnet stockings.

Put the sexy back into spook at your next Halloween party by arriving in one of our sleek and sensual maxi length chiffon gowns.

Most of our sexy vampire fantasy costumes come with a dark and seductive cape and deluxe vampiric accessories. Additional 3Wishes sexy vampire costume accessories are also available to make a more complete ensemble. Consider the Sexy Devil Doubles Vampire Fangs, the Devil Pitchfork as bloody perfect to compliment the Sexy Vampire outfit of your choice.


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