Sexy Beachwear to Bring on Vacation

Sexy Beachwear to Bring on Vacation

Summer is here and that means it’s vacation season. With so many things to do during the summer like going to the beach, taking cruises, sailing on the lake, or just laying by the pool, you’ll want to look sexy and feel relaxed wherever you decide to go.

If you’re going on a cruise or to the islands, then this O-Ring Beach Dress is for you. With the wind blowing in your hair and against your skin through the slits in this dress, you’ll have every eye on the beach turning away from the waves and your heavenly curves.

O Ring Beachwear Dress

Looking for new looks during the summer? Need to build up your beach wear collection? Consider this Lace Beach Hoodie ; the high banded waist allows you to still show off your lower curves and the lace pattern will add a chic beach look to any ensemble. This hoodie, either in black or ivory is a must for every summer wardrobe.

Show off your bathing suit in style with this Soft Breeze Fringe Dress . The mesh pattern allows for the warm summer breeze to hit you just right. It’s a great cover up to slip on when going into a beachside dive bar for a rum punch or for causally taking off before you slip into the jacuzzi after the sun goes down

Soft Breeze Fringe Summer Wear Dress

What beach packing list is complete without a sexy sundress? This Denim Sun Dress is timeless and can be worn for any occasion, dressed up or dressed down. The fashion possibly for a shirtdress of the denim fabric is endless. You can pair it with different shoes, belts, necklaces and even leggings if the weather cools down. This sexy denim sundress from is sure to be your new summer favorite.

Denim Sun Dress for Vacation

On a cruise or private island? Get cozy with the cabana boy in this Flirty Ties Sexy Halter Dress . The plunging neckline alone is enough to get you unlimited drinks, and the low cut back will have them chasing after you as you try to walk away. Vacation is a great time for summer flings and rendezvous, so find your own sexy pool boy in this sexy tie dress!

Flirty Ties Sexy Halter Dress

Summertime and the tropics go together like a piña colada served in a pineapple. Summer also means getting a tan, and with a new glow comes the need for a new look with new fashion pieces and tantalizing outfits. Take advantage of your vacation to warmer weather by treating yourself to a new wardrobe that shows off your bronzed, sun-kissed skin . Start your making your packing list for your next summer vacation and don’t forget to include a few sultry dresses on that list. The sexy dresses collection at has everything you need to turn the lifeguards’ heads as your stroll past them on the beach. Go outside, get some sun and make sure you look sexy doing it.

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