Dressing Up to Get Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon, but are you prepared? St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on the 17th of March each year, is one of the best-known, fun spring holidays. It’s time to start planning your outfits for the celebrations.

St Patrick's Day honors the patron saint of Ireland and has become a celebration of the heritage and culture of the Irish. Of course, the holiday has become widespread among people of all backgrounds, all over the world. No other national festival is celebrated in more countries than St. Patrick's Day!

On St. Patrick’s Day, shamrock green abounds on partygoers, buildings, and even in drinks — green beer, anyone? Wearing (and decorating with) green has been a longstanding tradition, picking up steam in 1962 when Chicago dyed part of its river green. Whether wearing shamrocks, green clothing, or green accessories, green is an essential part of St. Patrick’s Day.

Celebrating the Irish flag of the Emerald Isle means donning one’s best green — and for those looking for a sexy way to celebrate St. Paddy, we have all that you need! Our St. Patrick’s Day collection will easily make others green with envy and help you feel great.

Wearing lingerie for special occasions

Lingerie is great for any day of the year but can add a little extra something to special occasions. Whether you want to surprise a partner with a fun St. Patrick’s Day date or feel great about yourself in something sexy and flattering on your own, lingerie can help you feel powerful, beautiful, and happy.

There are many ways to wear lingerie for special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day. You can go for your usual pick — a corset, shorts, or a bra and panties, for example — but switch your color choice to St. Patrick’s Day green.

You could go to the other end of the spectrum and pick something entirely in line with the holiday, be it leprechaun lingerie, or a shamrock-inspired set.

Sneak a sexy pair of green underwear into your regular outfit, or pair some more public-friendly items with the rest of your usual wardrobe for a sexy spin on a party or parade outfit.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday, so it’s the perfect occasion for a bit of dress-up enjoyment, no matter what your plans may be.

Sexy St. Patrick’s Day costumes

When you go all out for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s nothing better than a hot costume.

The Lady Luck costume features all of the green you’ve come to expect from this Irish celebration, but also some glittering gold accents much like you’d find at the end of the rainbow.

Our Sexy Leprechaun costume also hits the emerald mark. This delicious item comes with gold buttons, booty shorts, and a sexy halter neck.

Try the Pot of Gold costume if you’re feeling daring. This is a sexy, sequin-trimmed teddy with a satin finish and a fantasy pot of gold at the panty line for mischievous fun.

The Celtic Warrior costume offers another take on St. Patrick’s day. Try this full-length dress with leather-look shoulder harness and cut-outs on the waistline and thighs for something that is at once eye-catching and ethereal.

Whatever your costume style, in or out of the bedroom, we have an outfit that will make your day more memorable.

Subtle St. Paddy’s accents

Maybe you have to work on St. Patrick’s Day, or can’t wear something too flashy until you’re in a more private location. Our store is well stocked with items that will help display Irish pride, without being over the top.

We have various shades of green stockings, perfect to wear under your regular clothing, then pair with something sexy later on. Sexy lace boy shorts, green g-strings, golden thongs or a ruffled lime-hued garter are your own fun St. Paddy’s secret; yours to hide or share as you’d like.

Taste the rainbow

A rainbow is as much a part of St. Patrick’s Day as gold and green. The fabled leprechauns stash gold at the bottom of every rainbow, and all of our rainbow accessories and lingerie will surely please your senses.

Pull on a pair of rainbow thigh highs, step into a technicolor lace-up bodysuit, or try our rainbow-colored rave booty shorts to highlight your assets. Paired rainbow products from our line of high-quality clothing, accessories, and hosiery, and you’ll fit in with any celebration, as long as there's green and gold.

Hair and makeup for St. Patrick’s Day

Your outfit can only be improved by tantalizing hair and makeup, and we have what it takes to complete your look with ease. We have many wigs, in shapes and colors that will suit you perfectly, transforming your look in a sexy, but temporary, way.

Decorate your face with clover art, or try the envy eye applique and lashes or glitter tink lashes for a striking green look. These items are as fun for a parade or party as they are for the bedroom!

The sexiest St. Patrick’s Day selections

Some of our St. Paddy’s Day selection is perhaps best suited for the privacy of your bedroom — or wherever else you might be celebrating in a super sexy way.

The tantalizing tapestry corset is a gorgeous emerald hue. This is a classic lingerie piece that works just as well for St. Patrick’s Day as it does for any other special occasion.

Our sheer floral teddy comes in an equally eye-catching shade of green, adding a sexy, lacy style to your celebrations any time you want to slip into something a little more ornate.

The open-bust mini comes in bright green and leaves little to the imagination. This is the perfect item for those times you want to jump right into the action!

The golden wrap teddy is as elegant as it is saucy. Again, this item can be worn in many situations, sexy at any time of year!

What happens if you don’t wear green?

Tradition holds that wearing green isn’t just about celebrating St. Patrick and Ireland. Putting on shades of green is also a way to protect yourself from tricky leprechauns! Wearing green is supposed to make one invisible to these Irish folklore creatures, who have a penchant for pinching.

If you wear green, you avoid pinches from humans and leprechauns alike. If you forget, however, you’re in for pinches and possibly worse from those little terrors! If you are wearing something from one of our lingerie collections that has no green in it, then get into the St. Paddy’s spirit with the right accessories.

Slip on a green hair tie or headband, or polish your fingernails with a green shade. Put together with some sexy lingerie you’ll be the perfect St. Paddy’s package, avoiding any pinches you don’t want.

From head to toe, our lingerie, hosiery, costumes, and accessories ensure that you’re dressed to get lucky on St. Patrick’s Day, and any other day of the year. Let us help you make the most of the holiday and find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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