Nothing says fun like switching gears and personalities by putting on a sexy wig and pretending you're someone else for a night! Choose from a selection of wigs at 3wishes that includes a rainbow wig, blue wigs, purple wigs, the Loosey wig, and many more colorful wigs to choose from!

You've found the perfect outfit for the party or sexy night alone with your partner. You've fully accessorized with boots, gloves, earrings, garters, skirts, and tops that make you look flaming hot. You're looking over yourself in the mirror and feeling great, until your eye wanders to your hair. You wish you knew exactly how to fix it so it looks smoking hot along with the rest of your outfit. Then answer is here, on this page, of our full selection of wigs for all your needs.

Begin with our Mesh Wig Cap to cover your natural hair, pulled back into a tight bun. Your real hair won't fly away and fall around your wig, creating the perfect wig situation. After the cap, move on to any of our wig selections, from The Nicole Wig, to the Mia Wig, to the Frenzy Wig, to the Rhianne Wig. The choices are vast, and many of them match the fabulous outfits or costumes you'll find other places around our site.

You'll wow everyone at the party, being barely recognizable and surprising everyone when you reveal your true identity. Make the night fun and highlight the outfit you've picked with a fun wig. Have a lot of fun and become whoever you want to be with a hot wig to match your amazing, sexy outfit and accessories.

Enjoy your wig over and over again, or purchase a few different wigs for a number of different outfits. The only limitations on these wigs are the limitations in your imagination.


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