9 Reasons to Have AT LEAST One Body Stocking in Your Wardrobe

9 Reasons to Have AT LEAST One Body Stocking in Your Wardrobe

Posted by Three Wishes on 2018-06-09 06:00:02

Who doesn’t love feeling sexy? You know that confident, “I am so hot,” “I will knock his socks off” feeling? Everyone gets that feeling for different reasons.

Maybe your new push-up bra made your breasts look spectacular or your new pedicure made you feel like hundred bucks. No matter what usually makes you feel sexy, we suggest trying out one of our sensual body stockings. We defy you not to feel sexy in one of them!

Here are 9 reasons that we think you’ll agree you should have at least one body stocking in your wardrobe.

  • 1.They are sexy as all get-out.
    Have you seen our sexy teddy lingerie and body stockings yet? They are the ultimate in sexy lingerie and we have many different styles and colors for you to choose from.

    Are you looking for romantic? Check out our white lace Tempting Plunge Teddy from Mapalé.

    Are you going for adventurous? Like “catch your breath, tie me up” adventure? If so, you may be interested in our black faux leather Deviant Mistress Open Lingerie Teddy from Lush Fetish Wear from Leg Avenue or our Seductive Restraint Teddy. Or you can strap on a pair of knee-high boots and our Black Lace-Up Romper by Roma Costume.
  • 2.They are comfortable
    You know how wonderful and soft pantyhose can feel against your skin. That is the same feeling you will get when you choose one of our extremely comfortable body suits.

    Try our Sexy Open Front Body Stocking from H.O.T by Shirley of Hollywood. This bodysuit is incredibly comfortable and you can easily wear it all day under your clothes.

    The Barely There Basic Unitard from Leg Avenue is the perfect body stocking for added warmth throughout the day and a sexy surprise for him when you get home.
  • 3.They boost confidence
    As we said earlier, just one little change in your daily routine or your look can send your confidence levels soaring. You will feel the same way when you slip on one of our amazing body stockings. You won’t be able to help not feeling sexy and your partner is sure to notice.

    Pick up our Femme Fatale Catsuit with Zipper from Leg Avenue and you will dominate your bedroom and look super hot! Another great confidence booster is our Ferocious Flirt Teddy from Shirley of Hollywood. You will feel like a sex goddess in this beautiful red teddy. It will wrap you up in confidence.
  • 4.They mask your “imperfections”We think you are perfect just the way you are, but most everyone has a little bit of cellulite, a scar they hate, or a birthmark they didn’t ask for. If you are self-conscious (which you shouldn’t be, flaunt that body, girl!), then a body stocking can cover you up When the lights go off, your lover can peel it slowly off your body.

    Check out our Lace Surrender Body Stocking from Music Legs. It covers up your cellulite but leaves plenty more of you uncovered.

    If you have a wild side we have our sexy, spandex (and crotchless!) purple Leopard Body Stocking from Music Legs. Cover up your cellulite and let your inner temptress out.
  • 5.They are versatile
    You can find a bodysuit on our site for any occasion in a variety of colors, sizes, and looks.

    You could go with our fun and flirty Tie-Die Hooded Romper from Roma Costume. It is super cute and you could throw on a pair of jeans over it and be ready for a fun date.

    You can also go with something simple, such as our Tantalizing Navy Romper from Escante. It is sheer and elegant and can be worn under any outfit to surprise him with later.
  • 6.They come in all of your favorite fabrics.
  • Different materials feel good to different people. That is why we carry an array of bodysuits in different feels and textures.

    We have fishnet, like our Open Cup Fishnet Bodystocking from Dreamgirl.

    Like leather? We have our Midnight Straps Leather Teddy Lingerie by Escante.

    Love the look of lace? How about our Lace Open-Front Garter Teddy from Shirley of Hollywood. It comes in red and black.

    We even have a Crochet Wave Romper by Mapalé.

7.Our bodystockings can be the key to unlocking your fantasies.
Have you been thinking of dressing up in a sexy costume for your man to drool over? Then look no further! We have bodysuits for every fantasy.

Are you all business in the bedroom? Pick up our Dirty Business Secretary Lingerie Costume and put your man to work under you.

Play a dirty game of Space Invaders when you slide into our Galatic Long Sleeve Romper and teach your human how you do things in the bedroom.

Maybe your man is hoping you will don a sexy maid’s outfit and pick up a feather duster and if he is, try out our Fever Maid Lingerie Suit from Fever. Feather duster not included, but we carry them.

Interested in saving lives or just your sex life? Check out our Emergency Services Lingerie and get started on mouth to mouth. STAT!

  • 8.Our huge assortments of body stockings can fit your every mood.
    You know how it is. Just because you are in “the mood,” doesn’t mean you are always in the same mood.

    Sometimes you are feeling flirty and fun, and sometimes you are feeling soft and romantic. Sometimes you want him to take charge and sometimes you are ready to climb on top and take charge yourself.

    If you are feeling fun, then check out our Bedazzling Shiny Romper from Roma Costume and let the good times roll. Or try our own brand Flirty Flutter Hearts Lingerie. It has playful written all over it.

    When you are feeling romantic and love is in the air, you might just love our Satin Satisfaction Lingerie Teddy from Coquette. It is romantic and beautiful and comes in a pleasing purplish-gray shade.

    When night comes and your man wants to dominate you then put on our Slave For You Lingerie from Dreamgirl and blow his mind.

  • If you are ready to take charge tonight, pick up our Lustrous Skull Bodysuit from Leg Avenue and teach him a lesson in lust.
  • 9.You can wear body stockings to bed.
    They are perfect for those nights where you want to look sexy for your man, even if it just ain’t happening between the sheets that day.

    Our Sheer Chiffon and Eyelash Lace Romper from Roma Costume is sexy and sleep-worthy. Our Cabernet Lingerie Set from Coquette is another gorgeous choice for sleeping.

No matter what sort of body stocking or lingerie you are looking for, you are sure to find something spectacular in our immense selection.

And don’t worry. We didn’t leave him out. We have a men’s line too. Plus a plus-size section that is just as sexy as you could hope.

The hard part won’t be finding an outfit. The hard part will be picking just one!

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