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Finding Good Plus-Size

Decent plus-size lingerie can be really hard to find! However, today we’re going to examine the issue, get down to the reason good plus-size lingerie and plus-size stockings and accessories are so hard to find. Then we’ll identify what makes them ‘good’, and even talk about how you can make sure you make the best choices once you find what you’re looking for.

Few companies make or sell plus-sized lingerie these days.

Most shops don’t carry anything above a D-cup, and most manufacturers don’t even make it. Keep in mind, the average bra size in the US today is E. That’s just the average – nearly half of the lingerie-wearing market is bigger than that. But most manufacturers stop at D. It seems crazy. Why just ignore half of your potential customers? Why leave that money on the table?

Plus-size lingerie and costumes are actually very difficult to make well.

Plus size lingerie isn’t just scaled up. An E or F cup is kind of a feat of engineering. Too many attempts have been made to simply make small-girl lingerie bigger, and the results are always disappointing. In the same way, too many plus-size costumes don’t fit right, they don’t feel right, and they don’t look right! That means that finding that ‘sexy little number’ in your actual size means nothing but disappointment when you get it home and try it on.

That is the main reason these pieces are never huge commercial successes, and why many companies refuse to make them. Instead, most companies make petite size lingerie exclusively, simply because it is easy. The designers only have to worry about how it looks, and they can use the flimsiest materials available. It’s not a demanding market, and they have a business model that works perfectly well serving these women who don’t really need much from their fancy undies.

That is why you only see a few manufacturers really putting in the effort to design and produce good plus-size lingerie. Of course, Three Wishes is one of those few

A specialist retailer like Three Wishes can scour the world for those few manufacturers of sexy lingerie that not only works well on a larger woman, but actually looks sexy too. There are indeed manufacturers out there who have taken the time to find out what we want and need from our lingerie, and can produce lovely, comfortable and really sexy looks without charging the moon for them – as you can see by browsing our selection.


How do I know what to buy that will suit me and my body?

There is plenty of guidance available on how to determine what size bra you need, but how do you pick one that makes me look good?

You need – and deserve – lingerie that makes you feel sexy, but is also comfortable. It needs to address the needs of a larger body, and give more support than a few stretchy spandex triangles have to offer. Three Wishes have put together 5 crucial pieces of advice on how to choose the right lingerie and even plus size holiday lingerieto make you look – and feel – your sexiest.


1) Above all else, choose a piece that fits well.

‘Almost the right size’ simply won’t do. To let your inner sexy shine through, you have to be comfortable – physically as well a socially. If your lingerie isn’t sitting right, feels like it’s binding or riding up, or worse digging into the curves it is supposed to be making more graceful, you’ve got no chance. Pick something that comes in your actual size, and is intended to look wonderful in that size.


2) Select lingerie that is well suited to the curvy, plus sized woman.

You can wear any type of lingerie, so long as it is designed with your shape in mind. However, the right choice for you will be very personal. There is no magic sub-set of lingerie that will make any woman look great. The perfect selection might have a particular print that makes you think of a romantic night long ago. It might have just the right color to match your skin. It might have just the right sheen, or give you a bit more definition where you need it most. But it will be the right one for YOU, not for ‘all plus-size women’. You’ll know the right piece when you can picture yourself in it, and feel that confidence, that sexuality. You really will know it when you see it.

In general terms, though, we can offer some guidance.

Garter belts are a great way to attract the eye to parts of your body you may feel best about, and away from areas you’d like to emphasize less. Corsetry has always been a go-to for plus-size lingerie because it gives any woman some help in the waste-to-hip-ratio department. But at the same time, something that softly drapes over the tummy can be just as flattering, and a great deal more comfortable.


3) How should one approach it high-waisted lingerie?

Though many women find high-waisted pieces intimidating, they can look amazing when worn correctly.

When choosing a high waist piece, consider the actual height of the model – this will give you a good sense of where they will come up when you wear them.

Generally, avoid combining high waists with bras that extend lower than is typical, unless the two all but touch, simulating a one piece garment. If there is any gap at all, the combination is a no-go because the two pieces will work together to create a roll between them that just isn’t flattering to anyone.

A well-made high waist thong can really do wonders for our kind of shape. They can help our bellies look smoother and they sit where we need them to – getting rid of that ‘muffin top’ or ‘love handle’ effect that lower-slung panties tend to produce.

For the same reason, high waist briefs should generally be sheer. This can help by avoiding the ‘one large block of color’ effect. If done correctly, this can dramatically lengthen the torso on a visual level. Another valid approach is the addition of a curved central panel on the briefs. This can emphasize the sexy curve of your hips and the narrowness of your waste at the same time. And after all, isn’t lingerie all about turning what you have into assets rather than liabilities?

As we come to warmer weather, high wasted panties and thongs are extremely practical, too. A high waist thong might be the breeziest pair of panties you own. They also do wonders for preventing visible panty line – something that almost all of us big girls struggle with. Simply put they make today’s tighter jeans and bottoms look better, and they are much more comfortable (at least for myself).

If you're shopping online, the height of the model used in the image is often listed in the item description. Check it because it's a good indication of how high or low the briefs might come up on you.


4) How to use your thighs to your best advantage.

Many of our best pieces for women who want to de-emphasize their thighs actually do that by drawing attention elsewhere. If, for example, you aren’t happy about your thighs but love your butt, choose panties that steal the show. Anything with a lot of detail work on the back, or other visual elements.

Essentially it is all about emphasizing the best bits, rather than disguising the ones you’re less confident about. Display what you’re proud of, and then find other pieces to compliment your ‘showstopper’ piece.


5) Bra support is a real issue. Are silk and lace even viable choices?

Generally speaking, a stronger, more technical fabric choice is probably the best bet. There are some really amazing materials on the market (and in our catalog) today – ones which shape and tone remarkably, yet remain breathable and comfortable even under heavy clothing. There are also some amazing spacer fabrics available which ensure smooth lines rather than rolls and furrows.

However, when it comes to lingerie, you want to display your assets. You want to not only look sexy but feel sexy. One of the best ways to achieve that has always been with silk and lace, and that is no less true for plus size women.

Three Wishes makes it possible to have the best of both words. Under those silk cups are the modern supporting materials a bustier lady needs. Under those widened lacy straps are the supports you need to do the job – all without sacrificing an inch of beauty or delicate appearance.


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