When is Green the new Sexy?

Lady Luck Costume

When is Green the new Sexy?

 On St. Patrick's Day! And on  St. Patrick's Day, everyone's Irish so don't forget to start your day off with a hefty dose of green attire. Some people go all out for St. Patty's Day, wearing as much green as possible, arming themselves with as many green four leaf clover accessories they can find, and filling their day with a ton of traditional Irish treats and feasts.

But the green fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. Oh no, not at all. So why not keep the Luck of the Irish fun going on long into the night with sexy green lingerie when you're ready to get lucky with the love of your life.

Green Glitz Dress

Romantic Ideas for St. Patty's Day Date Night

The arrival of St. Patty's Day is just days before the first day of spring. Depending on whether or not the groundhog saw his shadow and what the weather's like, you might want to plan a romantic outdoor lunch or dinner with your love. Make sure to include lots of green within your picnic basket; green goodies, Irish treats, and maybe even some green plates, cups, and utensils. Cupcakes smothered in green frosting; yum. Your options are endless.

Make the day fun from beginning to end, including with breakfast. Breakfast could be anything from a traditional Irish breakfast or a simple silly bowl of Lucky Charms. Consider leaving cute little love notes about dinner or lunch or the love you share and maybe something sexy about the way you'd like to end the day.

If your dinner is at a restaurant or at home, consider some traditional Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Shephard's Pie, Dublin Coddle, Shamrock Salad and/or Irish Stew; for dessert…Irish crème Bundt Cake, Irish Soda Bread, Irish Apple Cake, Whiskey Cake or… You dressed up as a sexy little leprechaun!

And don't forget to do something fun together before getting sexy like attend your local St. Patty's Day parade or some other fun St. Patty's Day event!

Get Lucky Lingerie

Get Lucky In Love with Sexy Green Lingerie

Now it's time to end the day with sexy green lingerie. Don't forget to pick up your love something green of his own for when you're ready to have some Luck of the Irish fun. considering picking him up some St. Patty's Day boxers covered in four leaf clovers or something silly, and maybe even a pair of St. Patty's Day socks to pair them with.

You? Prepare to make him feel like he's the luckiest man alive when you wear any one of our sexy St. Patrick's Day costumes when the sun goes down! Whether you want to keep it simple with a simple bra and panty set or you'd like to go all out and dress up like a sexy leprechaun or in our Lady Luck costume; you have options.

Don't forget to top off your sexy green gear with  socksstockings, four leaf clover earrings, a  mini glitter top hat, a cute Pot O' Gold Purse, a Shamrock Crop, and/or other fun St. Patty's Day goodies!

His Lucky Charm - You

Give your love a special coin with a date that's significant to the two of you handwritten on the coin. The date could be anything from the first day you laid eyes on one another to the day you got married, because you're his lucky charm and he's yours. The love you share brings all the luck in the world.

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