Vendor Spotlight: J Valentine

J. Valentine has a history similar to the history of J. Valentine was founded in 1994 by a single mother of two sons, with no formal design or business training, who was looking for a way to make extra money and give her sons more than they currently had. J. Valentines’ founder read every fashion, design and business book she could get her hands on and got to work designing and sewing her own products.

J. Valentine’s original marketing strategy was basic word of mouth. J. Valentine sold her designs and products to her friends, who told their friends, who told their friends. Soon after, swim boutiques and dance clubs started promoting J. Valentine and business took off from there. After 18 years, J. Valentine has become one of the leading manufactures of sexy costumes and lingerie and is now a multi-million dollar organization.

What makes J. Valentine so successful is that their values and philosophy of offering a quality product with superior customer service has never waivered. They are already overflowing a third warehouse and continue to grow. In addition to being family owned and run, ALL of J. Valentine’s products are made in the USA.

In only 18 years, J. Valentine has become one of the most well known sexy costume and apparel lines in the world. Much of their global exposure has come from appearances in numerous advertisements, movies, TV shows, as well through celebrity endorsements. Their cinema stardom credits include Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me, Grown Ups, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Girls Next Door, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Married to Rock and the wardrobe for the movie Dollface. Such celebrities as Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Snooki, Brooke Burke Charvet, and Holly Madison, as well as the Miami Dolphins, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders have also worn J. Valentine.

J. Valentine continues to produce cutting edge trending designs and products and remains an American favorite. You can find J. Valentine products at, and as always, all orders offer free shipping. 3Wishes is proud to have many of the same values and philosophies as J. Valentine and is honored to be one of the leading retailers of their sexy costumes, clothing and fashions. 

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