Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Lovers

What is Valentine’s Day all about? Some say presents, some say its love, some say its romance and some might even argue that it is sex. Valentine’s Day is what you make it. We have collected some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other that will make this year’s holiday of love, the best it has ever been.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Flashback to your first date. It would make complete sense that you showed the most effort in romance when you were first dating, so why not remind your special someone just what made them fall for you in the beginning. Take them to the first place you met or re-create the first date. Your significant other is sure to not only be impressed that you remembered the little details, but also likely to fall for you all over again. 

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  2. Cook for each other. There is nothing that says you must go to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day, so stay home and impress your lover with your culinary skills. Make their favorite meal or cook together. Even if it comes out horrible, you will have done something together and had fun doing it.

  3. Dress up (or down) in something sexy. Lingerie is to Valentine’s Day as Santa is to Christmas, so make sure to slip into something a bit more “comfortable” after a long day of surprises, kisses, chocolates and champagne.

  4. Don’t do anything. If you and your significant other don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there is no obligation to do so. Make sure you are both on the same page however, that neither of you will be gifting or surprising the other. Valentine’s Day can easily be spent just like you do any other day, by loving each other.

  5. Spice up the bedroom! Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to add a bit of excitement to your love-making and you can double the fun by including coupons or even games. If games aren’t your idea of fun, how about some role-playing with couples costumes? Remember the make each other comfortable and to be open regarding your desires. Who knows, something you try on Valentine’s Day could easily become a regular activity.

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  6. Pop a little bubbly and celebrate your love for each other. Valentine’s Day was meant for celebrating your love for each other, so toast to love with your favorite bottle of champagne of sparkling wine.

  7. Make something for each other. Do you remember when you were younger and you made your parents and school crush cards and gifts? Go back to the years of innocence and make your lover something. Some ideas include cards with your picture in them, pillowcases with love notes using fabric paint or themed gift basket. They will end up appreciating the love and time put into making the gift so much that they might end up giving you an even better gift later that night.

  8. Count the ways you love your special someone. This gift might mean the most of all, simply take a pad of sticky notes and on each sheet write a reason why you care or love your significant other. Then cover something they are sure to see with those sticky noes, maybe their bedroom door or even their bed. This is a great way to remind something of all the little things about them that make them the only person you dream of being with.

  9. Couples Massage. Most men wouldn’t be okay with going to the spa for a massage, but with their dream mate by their side it’s a lot harder to say no. Couples massages are a great way to enjoy each other’s company without saying a word, plus you will come out of the session feeling more refreshed than ever.

  10. Capture the moment. Take a photo or selfie with your Valentine’s Day date and make sure to have it printed and framed. This framed photo will serve as a daily reminder that your love for each other should be cherished and celebrated each day, not just on February 14th.  

Valentine’s Day is about spending it with someone you love, so show your significant other you care in the way you feel they will most appreciate it. You know your lover best so give them what you know they’ll love. Even if their idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is spent staying in and watching a movie in pajamas while playing footsie by the fire…all that matters is you spend it together.

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