Trending Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2015

Trending Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women 2015

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us so that means its time to start narrowing down our choices for that jaw dropping ensemble sure to catch everyone’s eye. Last month we shared some of the past 10 years of the most trending sexy costumes but what about now?

Some of this years most trending sexy costumes include classic favorites with a sultry twist as well as some new favorites.

  • 1.You are never to old to dress up as one of your favorite childhood princesses but now you’re getting to add some adult flair. Check out our newest addition to the Fairy Tale collection with Disney’s Frozen Princess Duo Anna and Elsa.
    Princess Snow Queen Halloween CostumeDoors will open and the snow will melt at your feet in this sexy getup with a double slit skirt and sequin corset with out new Princess Snow Costume

  • 2.There’s almost nothing sexier than a woman in charge…except maybe a woman in charge wearing an outfit that won’t stop demanding attention. Show them you’re the Executive in calling the shots and that you are doing it in style. The sexy librarian will never go out of style and 2015 is no different. Add a dictionary and glasses and he won’t need a Dewey decimal system to find what everyone is looking for.
    Naughty Secretary Role Play CostumeShow them you are Down for Business and not playing games with this sexy costume. Complete the look with a garter and stocking set and we doubt any real work will get done in that office.
  • 3.Everyone loves a furry little animal and dressed as a sexy one you will be no exception. Our wide variety of sexy animal costumes will have everyone chasing after your tail.
    Raccoon Halloween Costume for WomenTake advantage of this Naughty Raccoon costume and be as devious and sneaky as you want. The neighborhood won’t shoo you away in this sexy Halloween costume. 
  • 4.Vamos Jugar? Lass uns spielen? Jouons? No matter how you say “Let’s Play” our collection of international costumes will crave any urge to play dress up with sexy costumes from all over the world. Walk like an Egyptian into the Halloween party of the year or strut your stuff across the dance floor as the sexy goddess that you are.
    Chinese Princess Halloween CostumeThere’s nothing fragile about this little China doll . You will capture every eye in the room with this sexy costume seven piece costume.

  • 5.No Halloween will ever be complete without some of the classics like a ghost and witch. Scary can be sexy so take advantage and scare everyone with how fabulous you look.
    Skeleton Dress CostumeDem bones, dem bones…dat body doe! With this sexy Skeleton Tutu you will turn a classic costume into a sensual must have.

    Whether you decide to wear a classic costume with a sultry twist or one of the newest designs to hit the market this year,’s sexy adult costumes have something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas and sexy costumes to ensure all eyes are on you.

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