Top 10 Rave Clothing Ideas and Music Festival Accessories

Top Rave Wear Clothing Ideas

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming up and music festivals are announcing their dates and selling tickets. We’ve composed a list of the top 10 Rave Clothing Ideas and accessories to wear at music festivals and raves that are sure to drop jaws as your cross across the lawn, field or dance floor.

Furry Leg Warmers with Lights

  1. Furry Boot Covers are back! Yes, these staples of the 60’s never really left. They’re back and they’re a staple at every music festival. With so many colors, patterns and particular fabrics, your legs will be warm and stylish. If you’re looking for something extra flashy (literally), try ones leg warmers with lights !

    Love Rave Wear Booty Shorts

  2. Booty Shorts aren’t just for cheerleaders anymore, they’re for dancing at raves. Show off all your hard work at the gym and all those squats with some booty shorts. Your booty will pop and you’ll be comfortable dancing all day and night long. 

    Edm Rave Dance Mini Skirt

  3. Mini Skirts, because no one ever danced in a mosh pit in a pencil skirt. Similar to booty shorts, your derrière will be popping and when you pair it with stockings and a crop-top, your outfit is complete and ready to wow! 

    Rave Wear Wig Accessory

  4. Wigs are great accessories to add to any outfit. They can change your whole persona and some even glow under UV light!

    Rave Nipple Pasties

  5. Pasties, for when your shirt is see through or you don’t feel like wearing a top. Pasties are fun because they can be worn under clothes that reveal a little more than street clothes or they can be worn alone. Nipple covers, or pasties, come in fun shapes, patterns and colors. Who knew that covering your nipples could be so much fun!

    Thigh High Rave Stockings

  6. Add a little extra to your skirt or tutu with stockings and pantyhose. These aren’t your mother’s usual stockings; these glow in UV light, have rhinestones, and come in fun colors. Make a bland outfit pop with fun stockings!

    Crop Top Music Festival Accessory

  7. how off that mid-drift and rock hard abs with crop and  halter-tops. Halter-tops are great for lifting the “twins” and showing off your stomach.

    Rainbow Rave Tutu

  8. Tutus aren’t just for ballerinas! Wear a petticoat or tutu alone or with leggings. Regardless, this accessory always makes dancing more fun.

    Neon Fishnet Rave Clothing

  9. Fishnet everything. Be it gloves, leggings, dresses, or shirts, fishnet is a music festival staple and you can never go wrong with fishnet anything.

    Golden Sequin Gloves Rave Accessory
  10. Stay warm and styling with gloves and arm warmers . No need for mittens or knitted gloves when there are fashionable ones with rhinestones, lace and sequins. 

If you plan to attend a music festival or rave this spring and summer, make sure to see what 3Wishes Rave Wear Store has to offer to make you standout at the next show! Here’s a tip…you can never grow wrong with anything fishnet or anything that glows in UV light. 

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