New Years Resolutions Every Couple Should Make

New Years Resolutions for Lovers

Ringing in the New Year with a significant couple can be different than doing it when you’re single, especially if the relationship is serious. The New Year is a great time to reflect on the past including the errors and mistakes to learn from them in order to make the future better. However, you can’t forget the good times because those are the ones worth repeating. Here are some great resolution ideas for you and your significant other to make.

  1. Be better people. Now we aren’t saying you are bad people to begin with. However, the act of giving such as volunteering, donating and contributing your time to the less fortunate can (and we mean all year round, not just during the holidays) will bring a sense of warmth and love to your relationship when you see the smiles of the lives you’ve change. Hey, foster a dog…that counts!

  2. Make bedroom fun time a must and don’t let the intimacy get stale. Try role-playing with sexy costumes or mouth-watering lingerie. The idea of seeing your significant other in something new can bring different thoughts, emotions and even “moves” to the table, we mean bedroom.

  3.  Be more honest. That sounds easy enough but honesty in relationships is one of the most important factors in the future success of that relationship.

  4. Commit to weekly one on one time (not technology). Date nights, every couple should try and commit to at least one day a week for an hour or two that is just for the two of you. This means no one else (may the dog if they can be quite) no telephones, no texting, no Facebook and no Snapchat. Go back to your roots and talk or even play Blackjack, you might learn something new you never knew before and even be reminded of why you fell for that person to begin with.

  5. Workout together. A couple that sweats together, stays together. Get healthy and push each other to be healthier too by going to the gym, running, eating better and maybe even drag him to a Zumba class or two. You might find that you are having so much fun pushing each other that you forget about your makeup running from sweat or the fact that you had a tuffle that morning about who’s turn it was to take out the trash.

  6. Listen. There is a difference between hearing and listening. Listening means you are paying attention, don’t just let the words go in one ear and out the other. If more couples listened to each other more, there would be less fights and breakups.

  7. Break a bad habit. Are you both smokers? Do you eat fast food every day? No doubt that together you have a bad habit and when you hold each other accountable, breaking it is even easier.

  8. Let go of the past. As Elsa from Disney’s Frozen would say, “Let it go, let it go”. Don’t let the past year mistakes, errors, drama and silliness cloud the way for a new future of love and happiness. Some things are mean to be left in the past and last year is where they should stay.

  9. Don’t forget to be goofy and play. Gone are the days when you would have picnics in the park or go play putt putt golf. Try living out some childish activities together and find that when your inner child comes out that all the stresses of adulthood goes away.

  10. Embrace the unknown. We can’t entirely plan for the future but we can be ready to embrace what we won’t expect. Life is an adventure, quit trying to plan everything and enjoy it!

We hope you and your loved one have a wonderful New Years celebration and that 2016 brings more love, affection, attraction and excitement for you as a couple. Happy New Year from!

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