Most Popular Halloween Costume Ideas from the Past 10 Years

It's hard to believe that the dog days of summer will soon come to a close. As the end of summer makes its rapid approach, the start of fall is just around the corner. And with the arrival of fall comes crisp cool air, colorful leaves, and dare we say…All Hallow's Eve, otherwise known as Halloween.

Pretty soon, the Halloween decorations will begin to cover the exterior of homes across the country as the inhabitants get ready for the holiday itself. Folks will begin their search for the perfect costume to wear on Halloween night or to the best costume party in town.

One thing's for sure, when selecting a Halloween costume you want to select a costume that will stand out from the rest. But most importantly, you want to have fun wearing it. See below for a few  Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas and the top 10 most popular costumes from the past 10 years available at

3 Wishes Top 10 Halloween Costumes from the Past 10 Years

Perhaps on the night of All Hallow's Eve, you'll want to wear one of these sexy ensembles:

American Hero Halloween Costume idea

2014 - American Hero Halloween Costume: Be a sexy superhero for the night when you dress up for the holiday in our American Hero Costume! The American Hero Costume features a sexy little costume that comes complete with a lasso and a lasso loop. Add the matching star embroidered headband to complete your look and don't forget the adorable American Hero boots!

Arabian Princess Halloween Costume Idea

2013 - Arabian Princess Halloween Costume: Anyone can be an Arabian princess for the night and when you slip into this stunner, you're guaranteed to turn heads. This is a two-piece ensemble in a majestic baby blue featuring silky sheer materials, sexy slits with lovely bow details and a jeweled headband to complete the look.

Frosty the Snow Vixen Costume Idea

2012 - Frosty the Snow Vixen Costume: The adorably sexy Frosty the Snow Vixen costume is a strapless ensemble featuring faux fur, a floppy black hat and a plaid scarf. Top the look off with a sexy pair of black gloves and you're good to go for a night of fun.

Sexy School Girl Halloween Costume Idea

2011 - Sexy School Girl Halloween Costume: The sexy school girl look is a look that will never get old. The Sexy School Tease Outfit is a costume that should only be worn if you're ready to turn up the heat in a crowd. The two-piece costume comes complete with a pair of stockings for a look that's naughty and nice.

French Maid Halloween Costume Idea

2010 - French Maid Halloween Costume: Fantasies are brought to life when you arrive at the party in the sexy Maid Servant Costume. This sexy ensemble takes a classic look to a whole other level. Complete the look with an adorable bow, a feather duster and knee high stockings.

Adult School Girl Costume Ideas

2009 - Adult School Girl Costume: The Adult School Girl Study Partner costume is another sexy take of the classic school girl look. The costume features a plaid mini and a spandex tie top. Complete your look with a pair of knee high or thigh high stockings!

Sexy Mouse Halloween Costume Ideas

2008 - Sexy Mouse Halloween Costume: Ooh la la, the Sexy Mouse Costume is a combination of cute and sultry. This sexy little costume features a flirty ruffled dress topped off with adorable bowed mouse ears.

Anchors Away Sailor Halloween Costume Ideas

2007 - Anchors Away Sailor Halloween Costume: This sexy sailor costume is just plain hot. Pair it with the featured tie and hat and prepare to turn heads anywhere you go.

Strawberry Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

2006 - Strawberry Girl Halloween Costume: The Strawberry Girl Halloween Costume is only for the naughty and sweet at heart. Complete your look with the featured bonnet, thigh high stockings and toss your hair into pigtails.

Indiana Jane Halloween Costume Ideas

2005 - Indiana Jane Halloween Costume: Where was Indiana Jane in the Temple of Doom? Waiting for her costume! This sexy two piece costume features many great accessories to complete the look of Indiana Jane, including a fedora, belt, rope to get naughty and a plastic knife to save the day.

Teachers Pet School Girl Costume Ideas

2004 - Teachers Pet School Girl Costume: Be the teacher's pet for a night of fun in another rendition of the classic school girl look. This sexy costume features a plaid ruffly mini with a spandex white tied top. Complete your look with a pair of stockings, some pig tails and maybe a pair of Mary Janes!

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