How to Show Your Lover You’re Grateful

Now more than any other time of the year is the time to show your lover, significant other or spouse that you’re grateful for their love, affection and support. While they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach we say that any kind gesture, especially while wearing lingerie, can go quite a long way too.

Curious of how you can tell your special someone you appreciate all they do for you? Check out some great ways to say thank you:

1. As we said, the way to man’s heart is usually through his stomach so cook him his favorite meal. Why not prepare it wearing a sexy apron , he will want to skip straight to dessert. Guys, this goes for you too because a woman loves a man who can cook. Plus there is nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen with dinner already prepared.

2. Give him a good old rub down, and we mean a massage. Skin to skin contact can be one of the most sensual feelings and when you pair it with stress relief, then there is no way he will doubt your appreciation. Don’t forget to add a massage lotion or oil for added enjoyment. Our favorite is the Don’t Stop Massage Candle in Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon. The soy wax becomes a massage lotion and trust us, he will be saying don’t stop the entire time.

3. Tie him up. Yes, you read that correctly. He will love that you took command and there is nothing sexier than a confident woman in charge. Why not add in a sexy outfit to the game, with the His Naughty Bonds Outfit and you calling the shots, he won’t resist a thing.

4. Surprise him with a hot bath after a long day at work and don’t forget the bubbles! For added enjoyment, join him in the tub too and he will be the one thanking you.

5. Take an interest in his hobbies and show him you care about the things that matter to him. Whether he loves to fish, play sports or work on cars he will love that you care about his hobbies too. Next time there is a NASCAR race, make sure you show him you really care about the race and slip on our High Speed Race Costume or during the Monday night football support his favorite team in a baggy jersey from his favorite team. Don’t forget the matching thong!

No matter how you decide to thank your “bae”, make sure it’s done from the heart and with sincerity. Who knows, they might be so grateful by you showing your appreciation that you might get a little something special in the end too. 

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