How to Repurpose Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is for only one night, but that doesn’t mean your costume can’t last all year round

Halloween is over, but before you put your costume away check out the ideas we have come up with to repurpose your  Halloween costume. We hope some of our ideas will strike up other ideas for you and your costumes.

Christmas is only a few weeks away and that means it holiday party season! Why not take the Toon Wife costume and add a leather coat. The red sequins will sparkle off the Christmas tree lights and the addition of a black leather coat will keep you warm and fashionable!

Toon Wife Halloween Costumes

Some Halloween costumes are easier to repurpose than others and so we love how easy it is to transform the Jailhouse Hottie costume . Slip off the coat and you have yourself a tank top dress, it’s that easy! Stripes are a pattern that will never go out of style and with the tank top aspect you can it comfortably wear it in the spring and summer.

Jailhouse Prisoner Inmate Costume

One of our favorites right now to repurpose is the Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica costume because the options are actually endless. You simply need to remove the corset, hat and vest and your outfit is complete! If you want to add a statement piece to your look, opt for keeping the vest or wearing a long necklace. We love how yellow gold pops with the black. You can pair boots and belt with so many shirts that you will be wearing this all year long, but we suggest you ixnay the sword. It might get you some unwanted attention from the authorities.

Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica Halloween Costume

Any costume with a corset is easily reused with a cardigan, pullover or coat. Wear a tight pair of jeans or leggings and you’ll be looking fabulous! The fabric of the Charming Cricket Costume adds a nice touch to any pair of pants or coat. We say that corsets aren’t just for Halloween and the bedroom anymore, use them as part of your wardrobe and you’ll never run out of things to wear.

Charming Cricket Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t love a cute long sleeve dress? These can be difficult to find however, if you own a costume like the Southern Vixen Colonial dress then you are all set! This repurposed outfit requires you to remove the bell sleeve, not wear the hairpiece and we suggest you skip the petticoat. This dress is so casual that no one will be the wiser that you are actually reusing your costume. Accent your dress with a pair of thigh high black leather boots and everyone will be asking you for fashion insider advice!

Southern Vixen Colonial Halloween Costume

Next time you think that  sexy costumes are just for the bedroom and for Halloween, think twice! There are endless ways to repurpose costumes, you just need to think out of the box and get creative. Who knows, your new style might be the new fashion trend.

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