Holiday Party Ideas for Adults

    It never fails. The holidays come around and the parties start piling up in your calendar. It starts to feel like every party is the same; punch, ham, various appetizers, eggnog and a few other holiday drinks. This year we say, “Shake things up! Start your own annual holiday party…for grown ups!”.

    Here are a few ideas on how to make your next holiday party more “adult friendly”.

    1.  Have fun with the foods. Use Vienna sausages for an appetizer like pigs in a blanket (or leave them naked) and don’t forget the meatballs! Try soaking marshmallows in vodka and using chocolate liquor and a marshmallow in your hot chocolate. If you are okay with getting messy, consider a chocolate fountain. No adult can resist playing with chocolate.

    2. Require costumes, for everyone! Dressing up is fun at any age, especially when you don’t mind being on the naughty list. 3Wishes has an extremely large array of Christmas costumes ranging from Santa’s Little Seductress , to a Naughty Toy Solider to even a Christmas Tree Dress which comes complete with a gift under the tree. Don’t worry ladies, we haven’t forgotten the men’s costumes! You’ll be dying to find out what’s inside this giftbox with our Present Boxers and with our Strapping Santa Boxers the naughty list won’t be the only thing full of misfits and rule breakers. When you see our Snowman Briefs and Strappy Jingle Briefs on your special someone, you are sure to sing carols at the top of your lungs. And these Rudolph Boxers won’t have any one laughing or calling you names, in fact it might cause some jealously when all the Sexy Elves start following you around for reindeer games.

    3. Alcoholic Drinks are a must! It’s always a good idea to have a few signature drinks to showcase to your guests like a Gingerbread Martini, Cranberry Margaritas and Jingle Juice. If you’ve never had Jingle Juice before its pretty simple to make. It has 5 cups orange juice, 1 cup vodka, ⅓ cup orange liqueur, ¼ cup fresh lemon juice and ½ cup maraschino cherry juice. Don’t forget to garnish it with a candy cane. Please drink responsibly and always have a designated driver. Never drink and drive. 

    4. Capture the memories with a photo booth and a collection of Santa’s naughty props. No holiday party is ever complete without photos of guests in Santa hats and wearing reindeer noses. With this Reversible Naughty or Nice Santa Hat you will easily distinguish which of Santa’s lists they are on. Our Striped Mask is great for pretending you’re a present under the tree and the Black Velvet Mask is ideal for kisses under the mistletoe

      Whoever said that all holiday parties are the same has never been to a Naughty List Only Holiday Party, which means its time for you to start the tradition and make holiday parties fun again!

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