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Leg Avenue

3Wishes.com has always provided customers with brands that fulfill their wildest fantasy with highest level of quality products. Of those brands is one that has always aimed at making every person who wears it feel confident and sexy, Leg Avenue.

The Leg Avenue brand, like 3Wishes.com and many other lingerie lines, is a family owned business that started with big dreams. The Tsai family started selling unique stockings at swap meets and kiosks in the Los Angeles fashion district in 1984 and the demand only grew. Their hosiery was so well received that in 1999 they branched out to lingerie and through their innovative ideas and dreams, Leg Avenue was formed.

Realizing that lingerie was far more than just hosiery and undergarments, they successfully attempted to conquer the sexy Halloween costume industry. With the mixed designs of flirt, fantasy and fashion, Leg Avenue now has over 650 different costumes and continues to add new sexy costumes to their collection regularly.

Today, Leg Avenue is one of the largest intimate apparel wholesalers in the world. Their vast lingerie and hosiery designs are favored among the elite in Hollywood. Leg Avenue has always strived to make every customer who wears their products feel beautiful and confident. Their mission has never changed, even with their growth into a multi-million dollar apparel company. They are committed to bringing customers new and innovative products with competitive pricing and continuously ensuring the ultimate and complete satisfaction of person to purchases, receives and wears a Leg Avenue product.

3Wishes.com is proud to be a distributor of the Leg Avenue brand and we also believe in their mission. We want you to enjoy your experience with Leg Avenue and us from the time you select and purchase your new item to the moment you slip on your new lingerie, hosiery or costume. This month, for a limited time, you will receive a free gift and free shipping on any Leg Avenue product purchase. The only question left is what Leg Avenue products you’ll order! 

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