Best Romantic Date Ideas: 7 Ideas to Ignite Romance and Desire

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Why wait until an anniversary or Valentine's Day to plan a romantic night out with your significant other? Romance should never be something that only occurs on a holiday or an anniversary. To keep the spark alive that initially united you and your partner to begin with, you need to get romantic. After all, romance is what keeps the flame lit and keeps things alive.

When we allow the busyness of life to take over, neglecting the romance in a relationship, problems arise. This is because it's human nature to crave attention, especially the attention of the love in our life. We need to feel wanted and validated. And there's no better way to make your partner feel validated then by preparing a romantic date night out or in.

Coming Up with the Perfect Romantic Date Night Idea

We can give you a few ideas to run with, but only you know what's best for you and your partner. Get creative when planning a romantic date night and consider incorporating things that appeal to you both; things that will ignite a fire of both romance and desire.

And when getting creative with the perfect plans for date night, don't forget to pick up something sexy to slip in when the night's over... There is no shortage of sexy intimate apparel to choose from on, whether you're searching for that special something or that extra hot something.

7 Romantic Date Night Ideas to Ignite Romance and Desire

#1 - A Day at the Beach: Slip into your favorite pair of flip flops and your sexiest bikini for an evening at the beach. But before you set out for the beach, make sure to pack a few aphrodisiacs in the cooler…

#2 - Picnic at the Park: Before the sun sets, pack up a blanket or two, and a picnic basket full of romantic foods to reignite the flame that initially brought you and your love together.

#3 - Mini Gulf: Why not enjoy an evening of mini gulf for a fun, romantic night out? After all of the giggling and flirting, you'll be more than ready to finish the night off with a romantic night in. This is particularly fun if you're lousy at gulf!

#4 - A Night at the Carnival: Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, and so are the local fairs and carnivals. Consider enjoying a fun and romantic night at the carnival, full of adrenaline rushes and live music before retiring for an even more exciting night in later…

#5 - Get Lost in a Cornfield: If you live in an area with cornfield mazes, dress in your sexiest pair of denim jeans and get lost with your love in a cornfield. (But don't "literally" get lost!)

#6 - Visit a Brewery: Take the beer enthusiastic man or lady in your life to a local brewery and prepare to become the coolest thing in his or her life since sliced cheese.

#7 - Get Your Laughter On: Did you know that laughter is a natural aphrodisiac? Get your laughter on with the love of your life by heading out to the movies and enjoying a good comedy flick, enjoying a night in with your favorite comedy flick of all time, or hitting up a local comedy club.

Now that you have a few great ideas to consider for a romantic date night out or in, don't forget to pick up something sexy to make your night complete. Whether you're in the mood for a little  role playing or you just want to make your man drool, at we have all of your needs covered for any mood and any occasion!

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