April Affection with Couple Appreciation Month

Spring is in the air, the birds are tweeting, the flowers are blooming, and it’s time for April showers to bring May flowers. The warmer weather also means all those extra layers of clothing can go into storage and you can bring out all your spring skirts and summer dresses. April has been coined “Couple Appreciation Month” so all of you in the throes of coupledom take notice.

It’s time to get out of the routine and plan something spontaneous and fun for you and your partner this month. Whether you’ve been together for a few months, a few years, or decades, it’s important to take time out from work, kids, or everyday stress to reinvigorate your relationship.

Depending on your responsibilities, taking time out may mean a quiet evening at home or a weekend getaway. As long as you are connecting with your partner, the scope and budget of what you do is not the most important part. The time together enjoying each other’s company is.

Here are a few ideas for how to show your appreciation for your partner.

Play “hooky”

Maybe you haven’t done this since school – perhaps, you never did - but playing “hooky” or skipping out on work for one afternoon is a fun and spontaneous way to surprise your partner.

Pick them up and don’t tell them where you’ll be going. Go to a secluded picnic spot for a little lunch and PDA, or try that local restaurant near you. Enjoy the warmer weather and head to a lake or beach nearby to soak up some spring sunshine.

Instead of watching TV at the end of the day, play a board game.

Maybe you spend every night tired out and like zombies in front of Netflix or on your phone. Mix up the routine a little this month. Dust off a board game or card game that you both enjoy. To make it moreinteresting, turn your regular game into a “sexy” version. Here are a few ideas with regular games you probably have in your closet.

Love letters

Okay, so love letters may be a little out of fashion these days, but remember back when you wrote notes to the person you liked in school, and it was folded all cute and passed down the aisle?

Take the time to write a small note and put it on the dashboard of the car, or in their pocket, somewhere they will find it. Write something short but meaningful. Or maybe write what you’ll be doing later on after work and how it would be so much better if they were to join you.

Stay in

Instead of spending on babysitting, eating out, drinks, and entertainment, stay in and make a special night at home. Once the kids are in bed, (assuming they’ll be asleep by about 8 pm) dim the lights, put on some sensual music, and have a DIY date night.

Fondue with chocolate and fruit and champagne is easily made in your kitchen. Or buy the ingredients for your favorite cocktail to make at home. Cozy up on the couch and see what happens next. The temptation is to allow routine to creep in, but don’t let it. Make an effort and you’ll reconnect without breaking the bank.

Date night

This is especially important for couples who have young children and may not have family living nearby. The amount of energy needed to care for a child puts strain on every couple’s relationship.

Find a reliable sitter or trusted friend and schedule a night or lunchtime to have a few hours together. Choose an activity you both love, whether it be dinner, a live show, bowling, or a long, leisurely stroll in nature. The most meaningful activity will be one where you can have uninterrupted conversation in a relaxed environment.

Weekend getaway

A great way to get out of routine is to leave the house behind for a few days and gain a fresh perspective. Make a plan to have childcare or pet care with a trusted friend or relative if needed.

Choose a place about 2-3 hours away from where you live. It’s far enough away to be exciting, but near enough so that the drive is not too strenuous. Find a local B&B or boutique hotel with a little bit of charm for your stay. Don’t make too many plans, just take the time to relax without the pressure of a schedule. 


Maybe it’s been awhile since there was a lot of romance in your relationship. Or maybe you’re running out of ideas and need a few new ones to keep the spark going! Remember back to the days when you first met. The thrills, the kisses, the non-stop encounters. Put on a costume and let your imagination run wild. 

Do you have a favorite movie character or fantasy costume you’d like to try? Spice up your relationship with a few ideas from 3wishes. You don’t have to wait until Halloween to have fun in the bedroom.

“Stop! Don’t move! … Hands behind your head ...” Bring out the inner policeman with this men’s costume to bring authority into your bedroom. A form-fitting policewoman outfit sets the stage to enact a few arrest warrant storylines.

Are you both Star Wars fans? Try a Princess Leia and Stormtrooper combination that is sure to be sexy.

Why not add a little bit of Roman debauchery into the bedroom with this gladiator outfit? Add to the mood with a women’s two-piece sexy Toga ensemble for the full effect.

Perhaps royalty and history are what get you going. Picture your husband in a royal King Arthur costume saving his damsel in distress. It’s a seven-piece outfit complete with cape, gloves, and boot covers. If it’s a strong queen you’re after, try this Royal Queen Costume with sexy dress, stockings, and a mini-crown.

Egyptian God and Goddess are another steamy role-playing scenario. Think Cleopatra and Marc Antony, a most intense historical love story.

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, dressing up can be a fun way to mix things up with your partner and let go of insecurities or stress in daily life. Laugh, love, and let things go a little by taking some time for yourselves and, perhaps, by enjoying some sexy role play, with our compliments.

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