10 Best Sexy Couples Halloween Costumes

Sexiest Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get dressed up for a couples' night out and it's the perfect time to have some fun. With the holiday just a month away, now's the time to start shopping around for the sexiest couples Halloween costumes. Not sure what to dress up as with the love of your life? Here are a few ideas… All of our couples Halloween costumes are great, but these are 10 of our favorites and 10 of the sexiest.

Referee and Football Player Couples Costumes

#1 - Men's Football Player Costume and Racy Referee Costume: Not only is October the season of All Hallows' Eve, but it's also the start of football season! Get in the spirit and prepare for a sexy night that you'll never forget. Guys get to be a football player for the night with a seductive referee by their side calling the shots and enjoying the plays.

Cop and County Jail Couples Costumes

#2 - Male Cop Costume and Sexy County Jail Costume: Police officer meets the naughty inmate for a night of fun. The male police officer costume could also be matched up with the Spread Em Sheer Police Lingerie Costume. See our #3 choice below.

Police Lingerie and Cop Boxer Couples Costumes

#3 - Spread Em Sheer Police Lingerie and Bad Cop Boxer Briefs: Mr. and Mrs. Officer will be one of the sexiest couples of the night on All Hallows' Eve because this duo is just plain hot and their ready for anything.

Military Soldiers Couples Halloween Costumes

#4 - Soldier of Fortune and Ready for Action Military Outfit: The military couple is a couple that's not afraid to get down and dirty. This couple is ready for action.

Alice and the mad hatter couples costumes

#5 – Fantasy Alice Costume and the Mad Hatter Mens Costume: Alice is all grown up and ready to have some fun with the Mad Hatter this Halloween. This costume duo is only for the truly bonkers, strange, and weird at heart couple that enjoys living in their own world of nonsensical madness.

Barbarian Warriors Couples Halloween Costumes

#6 – Barbarian and Warrior Maiden Halloween Costume: If you've got it, then flaunt it in this sexy costume duo. Every sexy barbarian should have a beautiful and feisty maiden by his side…

Cleopatra and Caesar Couples Costumes

#7 – Cleopatra and Caesar: The Cleopatra costume is a classic and a favorite couples Halloween costume for many, but this year, shouldn't Cleopatra be paired with her sexy Caesar on Halloween night? I mean, she can clearly protect herself, but I think she'd like to have a little fun too…

Seaside Sailor Couples Halloween Costumes

#8 – Seaside Clyde and Sexy at Sea Sailor Costume: Show off what your mama gave you this Halloween by dressing up as a sexy sailor duo. Both costumes come complete with a sailor hat and all.

Sexy Vampire Couples Halloween Costumes

#9 – Mens Vampire Costume and Countess of the Night Vampire Costume: For a neck biting night of fun this Halloween, perhaps it would be fun to transform into a vampire for the night? Both vampire costumes are the ultimate in sexy and come complete with quality vampire capes and other sultry accessories. Don't forget to dab on a little bit of vampire makeup to finish your look this All Hallows' Eve.

Mortal Kombat Couples Costumes

#10 – Mortal Kombat Mileena Costume and Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Costume: This is a smoking hot couple that's ready for action and they mean business so don't mess with them. What makes these costumes even more fun and sexy are the masks

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