Christmas in July: Hot Summer Holiday Fun With Some History

Christmas Lingerie Costume in July Ideas

Tis the season to be jolly – in July! Although average temps across the country range from low 80s to upper 90s and in some parts the low 100s, Christmas is in the air. Christmas in July has arrived and for those who celebrate this joyous time of year, you're probably already making arrangements for festive celebrations.

For those who are out of the loop with the whole "Christmas in July" concept, perhaps you recently saw one of your all-time favorite Christmas movies on TV recently and wondered why in the world it was airing in the month of July.

I mean, the holiday has been long gone for months now and we're enjoying a break from the holidays and the summer heat before the arrival of old man winter. Weren't we just complaining about the cold?

But there's more to this holiday celebration than gift giving and cold winter nights. By invoking the spirit of Christmas in the middle of summer, you have the opportunity to take a brief break from the stresses of the world and oppressive heat while having a little fun.

How It All Started

The origins of the concept itself all began with an 1892 opera, Werther. Part of the opera's story line involved children rehearsing a Christmas carol during the month of July. The first actual recorded Christmas in July celebration occurred in July of 1933. At a girl's camp in North Carolina, Camp Keystone, the camp celebrated the holiday with a tree, gifts, Santa and all.

Southern Hemisphere vs Northern Hemisphere

Interestingly, although Christmas is celebrated around the world on December 25, the southern hemisphere is also enjoying summer. While it's winter in the northern hemisphere, it's summer in parts of the world such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In these parts of the world, they celebrate Christmas twice; once in December during the actual holiday and then again during winter, which for them is the months of June, July and August.

This is so they can enjoy a white Christmas like the north. And while they're enjoying a white Christmas in July, the North is enjoying a scorching hot holiday just for fun and to simply get in the spirit.

Christmas in July Ideas

Your Christmas in July celebration can include gifts or you can make it all about fun and festivities without the hassle of gift giving. The choice is yours. Here are a few ideas to consider including with your fun-filled, hot, holiday celebration:

  • Invitations: Your holiday celebration will kick off the minute you send out the best Christmas in July invitations that you can find or make your own.
  • Decorations: It's time to get out the garland, bells, lights, and ornaments! Don't forget themistle toe!
  • A Tree: Your Christmas celebration isn't complete without a tree.
  • Gifts: If you've opted to give gifts, get out your best holiday wrapping paper or consider choosing summer-time wrapping paper to tie the two seasons together nicely.
  • Let it Snow: While it's clearly too hot for snow, consider tossing around some Christmas confetti for your festive occasion.
  • Music and Movies: Nothing sets the mood of the Christmas spirit like holiday music and movies.
  • Eggnog Milkshakes: Instead of the traditional eggnog, enjoy delicious eggnog milkshakes when it's blazing hot outside.
  • Food: It's clearly too hot to bake a turkey or ham, so why not have a Christmas in July barbecue. Fire up the grill with chicken and include all of your favorite holiday sides like mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. Don't forget your favorite holiday desserts!
  • Goodie Bags: When the party's over, send your guests' home with mini stocking goodie-bags filled with candy, toys, and other surprises.

When the Party's over...

The party's over, or is it really just beginning. Now that the party is over and the day is coming to an end, it's time to slip into something sexy to begin a private party with that special someone.

Slip into a cute pair of candy cane stockings and a sexy little something like the Santa's Little Seductress outfit. Complete the look with an adorable little Santa hat for a night that you'll never forget.

Other fun ideas include: bow pasties,  Frosty the Snow VixenSanta's Belle lingerie, and Tied with a Bow Lingerie just to name a few… You'll find plenty more Christmas in July lingerie ideas right here at to keep the party going all night long.

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