Cartoon Costumes

Who is your favorite cartoon character and why. Now is your chance to dress up like the cartoon character you most admire. Bring a smile to a Halloween party, or a laugh to an office bash. Cartoon characters are funny, quirky, sexy and downright entertaining. You too can provide your guests with hours of fun, laughter, and excitement.

Bring the fun of your favorite cartoon characters into your bedroom. From the Flintstones to Scooby Doo, you will find a wide array of your Saturday morning favorites. Each of our cartoon costumes is designed to exemplify your best traits while leaving enough up to the imagination to get any guy in the mood.

Our adult cartoon character costumes are made of comfortable and sturdy fabric for those nights when the story takes an unexpected turn. Most of the costumes come with their own unique accessories so you don't have to spend valuable time creating anything extra to add to the illusion.

Sexy cartoon costumes let you pull your favorite characters into reality and explore your own fantasies. But they can also be used as springboards to find your own storyline. The Arabian Princess Costume is great for re-creating your favorite scenes from Aladdin, or you can take the costume in an entirely different direction and imagine you are a princess yourself.

Accessorize your sexy cartoon costumes with clothing and accessories you find around the house to put your own spin on your favorite cartoons. Nothing is off limits in the bedroom, and you're sure to find yourself exploring more than just a character line. Let the mystery of the cartoon bring your life into a more intimate and special space. You don't have to save the sexy cartoon costumes for a rainy day either. Any night is a fantasy night.


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