Prisoner Costumes

If you've ever fantasized about a little jailhouse rock, we've got the outfit for you! From county jail style orange to striped penitentiary teasers, our costumes let your inner inmate smoke and sizzle while your partner plays prison guard. Perfect for pairing with cuffs and other jailhouse accessories, you'll love doing hard time when you slip on one of our prison themed outfits.

Our Jailhouse Hottie costume comes with handcuff necklace designed to cause his imagination to run wild. Most women dream of being under the power of a handsome guard with no way out, especially after they've teased and tempted guards to the point of no return. You'll find out exactly why bad girls always get what's coming to them.

Purchase the furry cuffs with any outfit for the ultimate in jailhouse fun, and you'll have him coming back for more night after night as you show him exactly how bad you can be while he's got you locked in your cell alone with him. As inmate #69, you just may end up with getting time off for good behavior while you give new meaning to jailhouse rock. On the hand, your prison guard hottie may never want to let you go!

Who says prison guards are immune to the charms of the inmates? Prove that wrong with our outfits and accessories that are guaranteed to ensure that you do a maximum amount of hard time while under the care of your handsome jailer.


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