Animal & Furry Costumes

Sexy Furry Costumes

Animal & Furry Costumes bring out the wild animal your lover always wanted to be. Whether you choose to become a love kitten or the bashful bunny, it is certain to change an intimate night into a dream limited only by your imagination with these sexy furry costumes. Tame or wild, it's your bedroom jungle.

If animal print, fur, feathers and tails are your must haves in sexy fantasy costumes, you will adore our gorgeous Sexy Animal & Furry Costumes!

Whether your planning a wild evening or a very tame one, there's a costume to stir your inner sexy beast and get your event roaring. From the whimsical to the elegant, to the downright fiercely sexy, we have a Sexy Animal & Furry Costume for you!

And wait until you see our selection of animal themed adult fantasy lingerie. Our sexy furry costumes are perfect for parties large and intimate, and they are also ideal for fantasy conventions or theater.

Our multi piece Sexy Animal Costumes come complete with eye catching accessories, and can be worn as versatile separates to add some animal magnetism to your everyday outfits.

Feeling like a luscious love bunny? We have several sexy bunny costumes, and a wide range of bunny accessories. Check out our new Sexy Bunny Costume for a sexy furry costume that is top class! We also have the sparkling, vintage look, Retro Bunny to dazzle and delight.

Can't get enough of these furry outfits? You'll be astonished at the luxurious quality of our wide range of furred costumes, complete with fur hoods, fur leg warmers and more!

See the exquisite detail on Frisky, White Tiger, and Sexy L'il Leopard. For a more unique and furry look see our adorable Kangaroo Cutie, or the sporty MC Hamster costume.

Love feathers? Our selection of feathered costumes is outstanding. Look at the intricate design of the exciting Sexy Peacock, and the bold Sexy Flamingo.


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