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Women love shoes. Their obsession with sexy shoes has forced some psychologists to burn the midnight oil trying to decipher why. High heels are stylish and leave the women feeling confident and attractive. The shoe industry has come of age, and today women can choose their desired style from a variety of shoe types. 3wishes gives the modern woman an opportunity to choose their favorite design from our collection of shoes. We are an online store committed to fulfill your shoe fantasies.

Facts About High Heeled Shoes

While high heels are elegant, they can be uncomfortable. Needless to say that many women are yet to learn how to walk in them. Wearing high heels for a prolonged period of time can even damage your feet and cause back related complications. Below are some tips to help you wear your high heels comfortably.

Wear Your Correct Shoe Size

Many women never get their shoe sizes right. Understand that over the years, your shoe size is likely to change due to various factors. If you have never had your feet sized, perhaps this is the right time to do so. Additionally, repeat this once annually or every time you are purchasing shoes. The measurements should include both width and length. Avoid buying shoes randomly without having your feet measured because different brands are differently designed.

Choose Wider Heels 

Stilettos are cute but they are not suitable for every woman. Wearing them may make you wobble around especially if you are not used to walking in them. If you cannot do without heels, try to choose thicker and chunkier heels as they offer more support and are more comfortable. However, this does not disqualify you from rocking your beloved stilettos. Do it once in a while and learn how to walk in them appropriately.  

Understand Your Feet Type

Generally, human beings have different types of feet. Some of them have high arch feet while others have flat feet. An ankle and feet specialist may be in a better position to help you know your feet type. However, you can still establish on your own by; stepping your wet feet on construction paper. Your imprint should help you understand whether your feet are flat or high arched.

Opt For Thick Soles

Thin soles do not absorb your walking pressure. This is why they are likely to cause pain on your feet. Opt for thicker soles like platforms. You can have some rubbery materials inside your shoes to take in the pressure.

Stretch Your Feet

Once you take off your shoes, ensure to stretch them by alternating between pulling the toes up and pointing them down. Ensure that your stretches target both the toes and the ankles, and that they prolong to the calf muscles and the Achilles tendon. Additionally, take regular breaks from high heels.

How To Get The Most Out Of High Heels

Are you planning on getting your next pair of sexy shoes for women? Consider the following.

Avoid buying high heels in the morning. This is because your feet tend to be relaxed in the then. It is advisable to go shoe shopping when your feet are swollen and tired, preferably in the evening on your way from work. Before purchasing, be sure to try them again in the morning just to compare both situations. If it fits as well then you can make the payment.

Invest in good quality shoes. Many women think that quality is synonymous with expensive which is not always the case. However, be careful of ridiculously cheap priced shoes. You want to buy good quality heels which are not only comfortable to walk in, but ones that will stand the test of time.

Walk from heel to toe. When wearing high heels for the first time, many women walk in the same way they would walk when wearing flats. Practice walking from heel to toe in order to walk more naturally. Any other walking style will not only make you look weird and clumsy, it can send you toppling down which can be quite embarrassing.

If you work for long hours, it is only prudent to carry a pair of flat shoes with you. Do not hurt your feet and back in the name of looking elegant. Give your feet a break by alternating between the flats and heels. You can also choose to wear sexy boots on your commute back home. This reduces the chances of developing feet pain.

Remember, wearing heels for prolonged hours is not a quick method to learn how to walk in them.

While walking in high heels, take short strides. Taking long steps while on high heels is impractical and can hurt your feet more. What’s more, you may fall down while at it, which you definitely do not want.

If you happen to be in a rush while in high heels, try to lean back. We understand that you may be tempted to lean forward but this gives you a funny posture. Push your shoulders back always. As much as it may be difficult to handle, it makes walking in high heels much more easily.

Rough up your shoe bottoms using sandpaper. This prevents the shoes from slipping on a wet or tiled floor. If you find wearing your shoes a hard task, you can use a hairdryer to adjust and make them more comfortable and easier to wear.

Some theory indicates that imagining yourself walking on an invisible straight line can do wonders. If you have ever watched catwalk models, you have seen that they always cross one foot in front of the other. This enables their hips to sway more. Many women wear high heels intending to look attractive and sexy, and they can get extra finesse by improving their walking style and posture.

If you want to walk in high heels and attain a sway, pretend to be walking on a tightrope. With your toes aimed straight ahead, allow one foot to step down right in front of the other. You will need to practice regularly in order to master this walk. You can learn way faster by watching catwalk models.


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