Sailor & Sea Costumes

Sexy Mermaid & Sailor Costumes

If you want to borrow a little of the allure of the sea for your own purposes, then you can't go wrong with one of these sea-themed costumes. Whether you are searching for a sexy mermaid costume, a sexy sailor costume, or something else both naughty and nautical, our selection is sure to make you a sight to remember.

When you're looking to keep your sea loving lover happy and hot in the bedroom, stop right here. You'll find only the hottest Halloween costumes straight out of the sea or off the boat on our Sailor outfit and Sea Costumes page. These adult costumes are flaming hot and they'll start a hurricane of passion in your life every time.

After the fun is over in the bedroom, use the costume at any after hours party, where you will be the flirty, seductive sailor or sexy mermaid who steals the room. Choose from a number of different Halloween costumes, including the Adult Sailor Blues outfit, the Sunset Sailor Halloween costume, or the Anchors Away Sailors costume.

Every occasion, year round, from summertime parties to Halloween bashes, are spiced up with these over the top sultry selections.

Don't forget to accessorize! A number of these sexy outfits look great topped with a sailor's hat, and the Starfish Jewelry bracelet matches any outfit seen here. Grab a sweet neckerchief to top off that mini skirt, or a Sailor Captain hat paired with any one of the bikini tops.

Mix and match these outfits to create a new look every time, and surprise him, as well as everyone else, with your imagination and creativity. Let your inner ship sail through with some creative, sexy, irresistible sailor and sea costumes. They'll all be wowed with by a sexy mermaid or sailor, he'll be water melted at your feet, and you will feel like the sexiest little sailor since Marilyn Monroe in her Sailor Girl images.


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