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Sexy Army Costumes & Military Girl Lingerie

Show off both your flirty and military pride in a super sexy military costume. If you have desired to have the authority and power, a hot Military costume is the most appealing of all the power play fantasy costumes. Look like a sexy hottie in command without having to go to any military training with a military costume from 3wishes! Feel excellent exhilarated and super sexy by wearing a sexy military girl costume to your themed party, Halloween or a special night. Recruit all kinds of soldiers or capture your suspects and put them under your arrest in one of our sexy military Halloween costumes. Shop sexy Army girl costumes, Navy, Marine and Airforce costumes at affordable prices. has an amazing collection of military costumes available in different service member types, including Army, and different patriotic colors and styles. Whether you are in the service, or want to send a message of support to the men and women in the service, you can show your patriotism by wearing a military costume. Wear them with pride while accentuating your soft feminine side! You can be a Private Captain, militia babe, Herr Commandant, An Army Brat Soldier or anything you desire. Our sexy Military costumes are sure to put all your men at full attention! Wear them sexy and be sure to strut yourself as you take control of all those around you

All the military costume at 3wishes are desirable and fun to wear. They will make you feel fantastic and sensuous. You can accessorize your costume with a cap, stylish sunglasses, sexy stockings, belt, and sophisticated boots and, of course, a flirty look. Everyone around you will be saluting. You will not just feel very patriotic in a gorgeous military costume, also very feminine and confident! Remember a lady in uniform portrays strength and a king of mystery every man wants to explore.

No matter what type of authority you wish to portray from a private officer to the highest rank in the military, has a perfect soldier costume for you!


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