Princess Costumes

It gets cold in Story Brook, and the fairy Princess is dressed for the occasion. Take fairyland by storm with this full length sheer mesh gown and Glove like sleeves, or search for treasure dressed like an Arabian Princess. Our princess costumes provide fun, entertainment and excitement for the inner child that is hiding inside each of us.

What girl doesn't have naughty fairy tale fantasies? Live yours out in a variety of enchantingly exciting outfits that won't fail to release your inner princess. You can be a sleeping beauty brought to life by the erotic touch and kiss of your personal Prince Charming or the Princess in the Tower just waiting for release. And every big girl has at least one well-loved Snow White fantasy. Why not play these out in your choice of sexy princess costumes?

The Princess Beauty Sleep hot pink and white three-piece costume features a fetchingly off-the-shoulder design that's just perfect for a little tease and please. The sparkling tiara and elbow-length white satin gloves adds an extra layer of deliciously naughty polish and fun.

The pale blue Arabian Princess costume conjures up fantasies of hot desert nights beneath the moon and stars. This four-piece sensuously elegant ensemble is ideal for when you want to be transported to a mysterious, far-off oasis for a night of exotic romance.

Enchanted Alla's all in vibrant turquoise with sparkling white trim and ready to ue her magicaltalent to entrance and enchant handsome Prince Charmont. Ideal for those who love exploring light submission fantasies with a playful touch.

Snow White may be responsible for more fanasies than any other fable -- and that's why we've got several Snow White costumes for you to choose from. You can pick the one that suits your fancy, or purchase several to keep things switched up and fun.

You can put some magic into your sex life no matter who your favorite fairy tale princess is!


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